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Posted by Wendy 
July 05, 2003 05:00PM
Just want to feel that I am indeed from real people, with real lives, and real histories. Need a connection, I guess. Practically no info on my father's family. Very secretive. Last name of grandfather - Gun Munro - his wife's name - Evelina. Lived in Grenada, West Indies - 1900's to 19 ?? and had 11 kids !! My dad was born 1912, I believe. How can I get records or info ? Any help appreciated.
Re: Munro
April 08, 2007 03:37AM
My great grandmother was called Evelina Baptiste, lived in St Davids, Grenada. That is all I know. I am not sure if there is a connection. I found this info from: genforum.genealogy.com/grenada, which might spark something.


hello, my father and i are looking at tracing his family alive or deceased. his name is CARLTON ANDREWS born 1935 in grenada.his mothers name is CATHERINE BAPTISTE and his fathers name is WILLIAM ANDREWS both born in grenada. CATHERINES mother went by the name "TINY" BAPTISTE born late 1800's - early 1900's. we are lead to believe her first name is TANIA. her childrens names are CATHERINE, LAURENCE, HAINS, TONY, VITA, AGNES, ELLA, ELISHA and AGATA (unsure of spelling. WILLIAM ANDREWS and CATHERINE BAPTISTE had children CARLTON, IONA, and ETLIN all born around 1930's. WILLIAM ANDREWS was a freemason in trinidad. he died in a truck accident in trinidadworking on an american base. he had a sister ENA MUNRO. CATHERINE BAPTISTE also had children to a WALTER MUNRO. they were CYBIL and GLADYS. CATHERINE BAPTISTE also had children to a NATHANIEL MUNRO also from grenada. their names were JOSEPH, AMBROSE and LEONARD. My father CARLTON met a CECILIA ROSS in trinidad who apparently had a son to him back in grenada named MARTIN in around 1948.
place names of where all relatives have lived in grenada and trinidad are as follows, MARIE VELLA, CHANCILLOR HILL (unsure of spelling and place existance)BUSSIER #1, SNOWCANA village in grenada, BOKA village and SNOWCANA VANDAN.
looking to hearing from any one as it can help to jog my dads memory a bit more! thanks
Re: Munro
April 12, 2007 07:20PM
I am a direct decendant of Evelina who was married to my great grandfather.He was BARKLY JUSTIN GUN MUNRO.He had 2 other Brothers,James Poyntz and Charles Clarencecontact me if you are intrested
Re: Munro
July 24, 2014 04:35PM
Just read your message and I think we are related because Nathaniel Munro is my grandfather and Walter Munro is my uncle.

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Re: Munro
December 11, 2015 04:13PM
Nathaniel Munro was my father's uncle
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