Barbados Association Oath Rolls: 1696

Source: The Association Oath Rolls of the British Plantations [New York, Virginia, ETC] A.D. 1696, Clearfield Company

Transcribed by Terri England, 2003.

Note: In 1696 King William III announced to Parliament the discovery of a new plot to kill him. The Association Oath Rolls were an attempt to foster support throughout the King’s various domains.

Association Signed by the Gouvernour Councill and Assembly of Barbados, May the 14th, 1696
The Assembly: The Councill:
Tho. Maxwell John Hallett
James Colleton Fran Bond
Abell Alleyne John Gibbes
Thomas Merrick Edw Cranfield
Jon Lesled John Farmer
John Brome Richard Slatter
Wm. Fortescue Geo. Lillington
Wm. Allamby Geo. Andrews
Jona Downes Jno. Bromley
John Cousings Wm Sharpe
Robt. Bishop Pat: Meine
Wm. Holder Job Frere
William Doton G. Payne Clerk of the Council Overte
Will. Wheeler on dorse R.O. Hooper attorn gen.
John Bishop  
George Peers  
John Wiltsheir  
Tho. Maycock  
John Waterman jun.  
Wm. Cleland  
Wm. Rawlin offcr the Assembly  
Association of the Clergy of Barbados, May the 14th 1696
Ben: Cryer Rand: Vandreye
William Ball Ben: Callow
Henry Deane C. Irvine
Samuel Ebraine Gilbert Ramsay
Benja Hargrave Jno. Milward
Association Signed by the Officers of His Mties Govrs Regimts at Barbados, Sept. 15 1696
Rand Vandrey Rector John Mossley
R. Hopson John Wilde
G. Payne John Sharpe
Joseph Woodrooffe William Boyle
T. Russell Tho: Garth
Jonathan Langley Jos: Crisp
Robt Bishop

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