Barbados Census 1680 – St. James Parish

Sources: The Original Lists of Persons of Quality; Emigrants; Religious Exiles, Political Rebels; Serving Men Sold for a Term of Years; Apprentices; Children Stolen; Maidens Pressed; and Others Who Went from Great Britain to the American Plantations, 1600-1700, Edited by John Camden Hotten. Public Records Office, State Papers, Colonial Office General, CO1/44/47/f141-379, State Papers, CO28/16/2/f100-375

Note: While I have attempted to include all names listed in these documents, this is an excerpt and does not include all information from these files. T. England

Transcribed by Terri England, 2002.

(Sorted by Last Name, First Name)

Aflick Leut Collo: Andrew:
Alling Jacob
Andrews: Euen
Andrews: Wm
Balam Capt: Charles
Ball (His Widdow): John
Banbrig Docto: Robert:
Batt: Senj’ John
Baylye Collo: Richard:
Belchem: John
Biggnell Wm
Bissex William
Blake: John
Bond Esqr: Francis:
Burgis M’s Thomazing
Burhall: George
Burrowes John
Burton Capt Francis:
Byrne: Dinnis
Camerrame John
Chace John
Challener Robt
Chamberlaine Capt Francis:
Chapeman Richard
Chester Mr William:
Christopher William
Clements Robert
Collings: James
Courtyere George
Cox Capt: Josias:
Cresswell John
Cuta Mathew:
Dalbey: Joane
Damerall Thomas
Daniell Esq’ John:
Day Thomas:
Dollathy: Elizabeth
Downes Henry
Duce: Gyles
Duneing Henry
Dyer (His Estates): William
Dymocke Capt: William:
Elding Capt: Edward:
Elmes: John:
Euens Esqr: Richard
Feak (For Nathll Williamson) Richard
Feake: Henry
Fitte: Robert:
Flint: George
Foster Docto’: Robert
Freeman William
Furey Charles
Futer Thomas
Garner: Mary
Garner: Miller
Garret: Emond
Gibbes: Joseph:
Gibbes: Phillip
Gibbson John
Gibbson: Mathew
Gillham Emanuell
Graye: William
Groneare John
Habing Thomas
Hall: John
Harrison: Abraham
Helmes Capt: Thomas:
Helmes Maj Thomas
Hewes John
Higginson Margt
Hill John
Holder Jun’: John:
Holder: Melitiah
Hooker John
Hopekings Samuell
Housfeild John
Jeffords: Eliza
John Johnson
Kanty: Darby
Kelley John
Kelley: Robr
Kenn Docto’ Mathew
King Robr
Knatchbull John
Knightingall Nathaniell
Knights Esqr Benja:
Lane Capt Anthony
Langham Thomas
Lawrance Henry
Leach: John
Leager Widdow ?
Legaye Senj’ Jacob
Lewis Capt Hugh:
Littleton Esqr: Edward:
Loue Mary
Lowther: Luke
Luke Elias:
Maccony Dinnis
Maccony: Dinnis
Mackgerry William
Mackward: Fellen
Maddox Thomas
Marting: John
Massling William
Mell: William
Mellows Capt: Elisha:
Merrell Capt Thomas
Middleton: Richard
Miller: Jno:
Morgaine Robt;
Morraine John
Mullenex William
Mundy: Eliza
Munns: Ensigne Thomas:
Nelson Thomas
Norris Capt Samuell
Odam William
Odgne: Edmond
Paige Sarah
Paine Tobias
Pare Edward
Parker Richard
Pearce: Benony
Pereing Sabasting
Petter Samuell
Quale Hugh
Querke Richard
Ramsey M’s Roas
Rauen: Xtopher
Reeues Thomas
Reid Esqr John
Reid: Adame
Richards Thomas
Richardson: Nicholas
Riuers William
Roass Docto’ Thomas:
Robinson: John
Russell Phillip
Sage (Living On Collo Baylys Land) Richard
Sampson Capt John:
Scott Capt: Walter:
Scott: John
Shawe Daniell :
Shepeherd John
Shouell Elias :
Smith Margt
Smithwicke Wm
Sparks Madam: Joye:
Spencer: Margr
Stanfast (Church Warden) Joh:N
Stanfast Collo John:
Staysmore Francis
Steeuens John
Steward: Amey
Stout Leut John
Stretch: John
Stroude M’s John
Sturman Mary
Sumers Thomas
Taylor Waltor
Temproe John
Thomas: John
Thompson Docto’: Xtopher
Thornehill Capt Timothy
Thornehill Collo Timothy:
Thorpe Capt James
Tindall Richard
Touey Richard
Tucker Ann
Vereing Alce:
Vereing Joshua
Wale John
Walley Henry
Waltors Richard
Waluyn Jas.
Walwyne Esqr James:
Wardle: Christopher
Whatson Richard
Willey: Rawley
Williams Thomas
Williams William
Wright Henry
Yeamons Eliza

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