Barbados Census 1680 – St. Peter All Saints Parish

Sources: The Original Lists of Persons of Quality; Emigrants; Religious Exiles, Political Rebels; Serving Men Sold for a Term of Years; Apprentices; Children Stolen; Maidens Pressed; and Others Who Went from Great Britain to the American Plantations, 1600-1700, Edited by John Camden Hotten. Public Records Office, State Papers, Colonial Office General, CO1/44/47/f141-379, State Papers, CO28/16/2/f100-375

Note: While I have attempted to include all names listed in these documents, this is an excerpt and does not include all information from these files. T. England

Transcribed by Terri England, 2002.

(Sorted by Last Name, First Name)

Adams Jacob
Agrady ?
Akerman ?
Alexander William
Allen Cap.t Jn.o
Allin Andrew
Allin William
Almond Phillip
Anderson Jn.o
Anderson Masson Jn.o
Archer Andrew
Archer M.r Samuell
Archer Samuell
Arnoll L.t Jn.o
Arnoll Sino.r Jn.o
Ascoe Robert
Ashby Richard
Athill Richard
Austine M.r. Peter
Axham Peter
Baker William
Ball Henry
Ball Cap.t Jn.o
Baran Jn.o
Barrett Jn.o
Barrow Jn.o
Bateram Benj.a
Bayeman Benj.a
Baylie Coll.o James
Beadele James
Beadle Jn.o
Benn Charles
Benn Jn.o
Bennett Charles
Benson Abraham
Berringer William
Betsworth Phillip
Betsworth Phillip
Beuin Richard
Blake Henry
Booker William
Bregg William
Brewtor (deseased) Jn.o
Browne Jehew
Browne Marey
Bullen L.t Samuell
Burgis George
Burgis Jn.o
Burgis Cap.t George
Burrows William
Callahan Robert
Cammeren Hugh
Carpenter William
Chafe James
Chelloe Deborah
Churburne Cap.t Jerrimiah
Claxton Hugh
Claxton William
Clinkett (Estate) Charles
Clipsham Jn.o
Clutterbuck Christan
Coale Dauid
Coale Solomon
Collins Jn.o
Cooke Anthoney
Cooper Sarah
Cossentin Edmond
Coxell Marey
Dauis Isack
Dauis Thomas
Deane Phillip
DefonSequa Nicholas
Delyon Giles
DeSiluer Fflorance
DeVerede Roch.d
Dewbury George
Dewsbury Dauid
Dickinson Robert
Doo Jane
Dossen Jacob
Dotten Mosias
Dowden Abraham
Dunn Paule
Dunn William
Ffall Danill
Ffarmer Cap.t Jn.o
Ffarr Alexander
Ffarr Tho:
Ffewster William
Ffisher Joseph
Ffloyd Jn.o
Ffoster Teague
Ffoster Maj.r Henry
Ffretto Jn.o
Gamble Rich.d
Garland Richard
Gascoigne George
Gaye Richard
Gillingham Richard
Gording Jn.o
Gording William
Gosling Ffrancis
Gosling Simon
Gosling W.m
Gould Edward
Goustone Jn.o
Grant Thomas
Gray George
Gray Isabella
GreenSmith L.t Jn.o
Gunn Josias
Hall Cap.t Phillip
Hall Esq.r James
Hancock Esq.r Robert
Harris Alexander
Harrison Cap.t George
Hassill Mathew
Hauston Jn.o
Helmes Cap.t Jn.o
Hewes Giles
Hill Giles
Horsham L.t Peter
Houstone Margrett
How Essq.r Robert
Howerd William
Hunt Samall
Hurst (deseased) Thomas
Hurst (deseased) Thomas
Hutchings Edward
Hutchings Thomas
Hytchings Samuell
James Robert
Jemmot Sino.r Robert
Jemmot Sino.r William
Jennings Jn.o
Jennings William
Johnstoune Barth:o
Johnstoune Jn.o
Jones Barth:o
Jones George
Jones Henry
Jones Nicholas
Jones Samuell
Jones William
Keaire Jn.o
Keane William
Keare Henry
Kenecoate Hugh
King Jn.o
Knowles Thomas
Lapthorne Benj.a
Lawry James
Lettelton Esq.r Henry
Lewger Cap.t Ann
Lewger Cap.t Henry
Lewis Jn.o
Lewis Doct.r Robert
Lippett Mathew
Listonn Cap.t Marey
Lockett Jn.o
Loue Edward
Loyd Jun.r Jn.o
Mackahall William
Mackawee Morgan
Mackris Phillip
Mackris Thomas
Markes Thomas
Massias Thomas
Mathews Richard
Mauerick Richard
Maxwill Joane
Mendas Robert
Mendas Thomas
Merrick Cap.t Marey
Mills Jacob
Moggs Mathw
Monard Samuell
Monrow Robert
Moore Joseph
Morgan Simon
Mudd Cap.t Sollomon
Murfie Jn.o
Newman Robert
Noare Nicholas
Noruall L.t Hector
Orman Jn.o
Ormount Richard
Oskin Henry
Paine Cap.t Teage
Parker James
Parker Thomas
Parsons James
Perin Thomas
Phillips Richard
Prichett Rebecah
Pullen Robert
Quintyne Goerge
Ratsburd Ambros
Rawligh Richard
Reuill Edward
Reynolds Jn.o
Richards Charles
Richards Marey
Riligh James
Robinson Thomas
Rossar Grizuell
Rowleston William
Ruddock Esq.r Edmond
Rugg Phillip
Samuell Thomas
Sandiford Thomas
Sandiford William
Sandiford Widdow Grizuell
Sandiford Widdow William
Scantelbury Grizuell
Scantelbury Paterick
Scantlebury Jenkin
Shoory Jenkin
Shoory Samuell
Sobber Alexander
Sobber William
Sober Jun.r James
Sober Jun.r William
Sober Sino.r Elizeabeth
Somes Ann
Sprice Robert
Steart Cap.t Jacob
Steart Maj.r Ffrancis
Swillauan Ffrancis
Swimstead Jun:r Jn.o
Swimsteed Sino.r Thomas
Swimsteed Sino.r Thomas
Swinsteed Thomas
Teage Danill
Thoreburgh Ffrancis
Tidcombe L.tColl.o Gaberill
Tothill Esq.r Jn.o
Trefuse Dinis
Treuage Jn.o
Turner Jn.o
Usher Jn.o
Vanderwarfe Thomas
Velloa Edmond
Vines Samuell
Wadley Jn.o
Wakings Jn.o
Waley Cap.t James
Walker M.r Arthur
Walters Cutbery
Walters Ffrancis
Waterman Cap.t Dauid
Webb Nhicolas
Webb Thomas
Wells Jun.r Jn.o
Wells Sino.r William
White William
Whitlock Richard
Wickham Richard
Wildgoose Humphrey
Willoughbye Yeamans Lady Jn.o
Wilsone Thomas
Wishett Thomas
Wood Thomas
Wornall Jn.o
Wraxwell Zachirah
Yeatman Alce

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