NOTE: A. Talbot Bethell attributed the partial census contained in ORG Book C to the year 1671 when in fact internal evidence in that particular listing makes clear that it could not have been compiled before 1736 and probably closer to 1740. Thus it is more appropriately referred to as the partial census circa 1740.

New Providence

ALBURY, Benjamin, wife, Martha; daugs., Miriam, Mary, Martha; son, Benjamin

ALBURY, Joseph; wife, Sarah; daugs. Mary and Sarah; son, Joseph

ANDERSON, Leah; daug. Mary; son, Peter; slaves 12

BARNETT, Thomas; son, Samuel; slaves 5

BARNETT, Thomas; wife, Hannah; daug., Hannah; son, Thomas; slaves 6

BECK, William; wife, Patience; daug. Catherine; son; Richard

BELL, James; wife, Ann

BILL, John; wife, Hannah; daugs., Mary, Hannah, Susannah; sons, Benjamin,

BISLEY, Timothy; wife, Mary

BISSEY, Francis; wife, Sarah; son, John; slaves 8

BLAY, John; wife, Rose; daugs., Phenny, Elizabeth, Mary; son, John

BOWER, Benjamin; wife, Mary; daugs., Martha, Ann; sons, Benjamin, John, Nathaniel

BROWN, William; wife, Mary; child, Sarah; sister of Wm., Sarah

BULLOCK, Benjamin; wife, Mary; man, James; girl, Sahra; slaves 22

BURRUM, Edward; wife, Mary; sons, James, William

CARTER, Jane, Elizabeth and Peter

CHARLES, William; wife, Ann

CIMBERLIN, James, wife, Mary

COVERLEY, Wm.; wife, Jane; children, Thomas, Mary and Nathaniel

COX, James; wife, Sarah; slaves 11

CURRY, John Jr.; wife, Martha; daugs., Cosiah and Mary

CURRY, Richard; wife, Mary

CURTIS, Henry; wife, Susanna; sons, Thomas, Henry

CURTIS, Neptune; wife, Elizabeth; son, Neptune

CURTIS, Neptune; wife, Frances; daug. Charity; children, Richard, Andrew and Faith

DARVIL, Marmaduke; wife, Mary; daug. Mary; slaves 9

DARVIL, Zachaeus

DOWNHAM, Thomas; son, James; slaves 21

DRISCOLL, Lawerence; wife, Mary; sons, Thomas, Lawernec; child, Sarah; slaves 4

DUNCOME, Nehemiah; wife, Susannah; boys, Samuel and William; slaves 7

ELDING, Reed; wife, Anna; daug., Hannah; slaves 2

EVANS, Ruth; slaves 3

FERNANDO, William; wife, Mary; girl, 1; boys, 2

FIFE, John; wife, Phenny; sons, John & Andrew

FISHER, Abraham; wife, Martha; daug., Elizabeth; sons, Abraham & John; slaves, 10

FOUNTAINE, Julien La; wife, Sarah; slaves, 2

FOX, James; wife Mary; child, Nancy

FOX, Joseph; wife, Sarah; daugs., Mary & Mary; son, John

FRASER, William; wife, Susannah; daug., Eliza; sons, John, Edward & Thomas; slaves, 7

FRITH, John; wife, Catherine; son, Jasper, slave 1

GASCOIGN, Moses; wife, Frances; son, Charles

GIBSON, Samuel; wife, Mary; girls, Jemmima, Mary

GRAHAM, Eliza; children, James, Nancy, Esther; slave 1

GRIFFIN, Hannah; daug., Hannah; sons, William and George

GRIFFIN, John; wife, Miriam; girls, Mary, Hannah; sons, William, John, Thomas, Benjamin

HALE, Elizabeth; daug. Sarah; son, Matther

HALL, John; wife, Jane

HALL, Joseph; wife, Catherine; daug., Mary; son (sic) Paitience, Joseph; son (man); boys, John and William; slaves 12

HARNOTT, Margarett

HOWELL, John; wife, Ann; daug., Susannah; son, Moore Sanderson; slaves 41

HUNTER, Andrew; wife, Elizabeth; 1 daug; slaves 5


JACKSON, Hannah; girl, Mildred; son, Calvin

JENNINGS, John; wife, Sarah; daug., Susannah

John, Thomas; slaves 7

JOHNSON, Samuel; wife, Catherine; girls, Sarah & Mary; sons, Nathaniel & Samuel

JOHNSON, Thomas; wife, Sarah; daug., Mary; son, Thomas

KEWIN, John; wife, Ruth; daugs., Margaret & Mary

KNOWLES, Alexander; wife, Sarah; daug., Ann; slave, 1

KNIGHT, Edward; slaves, 33

KNIGHT, Ann; daug., Jane; slaves, 5

LEMON, Benjamin; wife, Mary; child, Rebecca, Richard & John

LINCOLN, Ann; child, Martha

MCKENZIE, Alexander; children, Eliza & Thomas, slaves, 2

MCKENZIE, John; wife, Hannah; daugs., Mildred, Mary & Ann; slaves, 3

MCKENZIE, Roderick; wife, Elizabeth; sons, Joseph & John; slaves, 26

MCKENZIE, Anthony; wife, Mary; child, Hannah age 1

MARSHALL, David; wife, Margery; slaves, 2

MINOS, Joseph; wife, Martha; mother, Elizabeth; man, William Pierce

PIERCE, William; in household of Minos, Joseph

MITCHAEL, John; wife, Ruth;; daug., Sarah; sons, William & John

MORTON, John; wife, Sarah; sons, Warren & Howard

MOTER, Abednego; wife, Joannah; daugs., Ruth & Esther; sons, Shadrach, Abednego & Jeremiah

MORELEY, Samuel; wife, Mary; daug., Susannah; sons, Samuel, Benjamin & John

MOUNSEY, Thomas; wife, Athanias; sons, Daniel & George; slaves, 8

MOXEY, Jonathon; wife, Mary; daugs., Mary & Sarah; son, Humphrey

NEWMAN, Josiah; wife Hannah; sons, Samuel, Joseph & John

PINDER, Salem; wife, Elizabeth; sons, William & Timothy; slaves, 2

PINDER, John; wife, Sarah; daug., Mary; sons, John, Thomas & Mitchael

PINDER, John; wife, Frances; daugs., Mary & Susannah; slaves, 13

PYE, James, wife, Sarah; daugs., Mary, Sarah & Deborah; sons, James, William & John

ROBERTS, John; wife, Martha; daugs., Jane, Martha & Mary; sons, Benjamin, George & Merriham; girl, Mary

ROBERTS, Ruth; sons, John, Joseph & Benjamin

ROBERTS, Richard; wife, Elizabeth; son, Richard; slaves, 2

ROBERTS, John; wife, Martha; girls, Ruth & Mary; sons, John & Joseph

ROSS, Wm.; wife, Sarah Myers; daugs., Susannah Myers, Ruth Myers

RUSSELL, Elizabeth; son, Daniel

RUSSELL, Benjamin; wife, Sarah; girl, Elizabeth; son, Benjamin

SAUNDERS, John; wife, Cathrine; children, Martha, Mary, John; slaves, 2

SAUNDERS, Benjamin; wife, Jean; daugs., Jane & Sarah; son, Benjamin; slaves, 2

SAUNDERS, Martha; daug., Eliza; sons, Samuel, Thos. & Henry


SAUNDERS, Thos., wife, Ruth; sons, Thos., Nathaniel & Benjamin

SEARS, Thos., wife, Martha; daug., Hannah; slaves, 24

SCOTT, James; wife, Margaret; slaves, 24

SIMMS, Moses; wife, Aim; daug., Mary; son, James

SIMONS, Nathaniel; wife, Elizabeth

SMITH, Mary; son, Samuel; slaves, 3

SMITH, Richard; wife, Mary; child., Mary; boys, Robert, Samuel & John

SPATCHES, Anthony; wife, Susannah

SPATCHES, Wm.; wife, Eliza; daug., Mary; sons, John & Arthur; woman, Mary Huggins; slaves, 7

HUGGINS, Mary; in household with Spatches, Wm.

STEWART, Samuel; wife, Mary; daugs., Nancy, Icondan & Sarah; sons, Samuel & William

STEWART, William; wife, Ann; daug., Rebecca

STEWART, Roderick; daug., Margaret; slaves, 2

STOW, James; wife, Mary; son, John; slave, 16


SWEETING, Thos.; wife, Sarah, daugs., Mary, Martha & Eliza; son, Nathaniel

SWEETING, Thos., Jr.; wife, Margery

SWEETING, Letitia, wife

SWEETING, Benjamin; wife, Martha; daug., Sarah; sons, Samuel & Thos.

SWEETING, William; wife, Elizabeth; daug., Elizabeth

THOMPSON, Joseph; wife, Ann; daugs., Mary, Martha & Cathrine & Ann; sons, William, John, Joseph & Richard; slaves, 1 negro

THOMPSON, John; wife, Priscilla

THOMPSON, Joseph; wife, Sarah; child, Sarah

THOMPSON, John, Esq.; wife, Sarah; girls, Sarah, Ann & Cathrine; boys, Joseph & John; slaves, 9

THOMPSON, John; wife, Martha, sons, Joseph & John; slaves, 4

THOMPSON, William, Snr.; wife, Mary; daugs, Marhta, Cathrine, Rebecca & Margery; sons, Richard & Thomas; slave, 1

THOMPSON, William, Jun.; wife, Sarah; daugs., Mary & Elizabeth; son, William; slaves, 2

THOMPSON, Richard; wife, Mary; Richard, a man; William, a man; Thos. D., Cathrine

THOMPSON, James; wife, Eliza; daugs., Eliza & Ann; son, James

TEDEL, John; wife, Mary; children, Mary & Jospeh

WATKINS, Benjamin; wife, Sarah, slaves, 4

WATKINS, Martha, unmarried

WATKINS, Sarah, unmarried

WALKER, Chas., wife, Ann; daugs., Alice & Elizabeth; sons, Chas., John & Thomas

WHITEHEAD, Roland, a man

WRIGHT, Wm.; wife, Sarah; daugs., Mary & Ann; slaves, 4

YOUNG, Thos.; wife, Kessiah; daug., Elizabeth; son, William

YOUNG, Richard, brother to Thomas

YATES, Jeremiah; wife, Sarah; child, Sarah
* Registrar of Records Office Book C., pp. 166-175

Eleuthera *
BETHELL, John; wife, Sarah; daugs (women), Elizabeth & Sarah; (girl) Joannah; sons, John (man), (boys) Noah, Winer, Prenza Jonathan

BETHELL, Nathaniel; wife, Ann; daugs., (girls) Mary & Bethia Sarah

BEEN, Andrew; wife, Elizabeth

BRADWELL, Jacob; wife, Mary

BULLARD, Solomon; wife Ann; daugs. (women) Ann, Eliza & Esther; sons (men), Nathaniel & Charles

CAREY, William; wife, Mary; daug., Sarah; son (boy) William

CAREY, John; sons, Mark & Abraham; (man) Richard

CAREY, Mark (single man)

CHARLOW, John; wife, Martha

CHARLOW, Joseph; wife, Martha; son (boy), Thomas

CULMER, Daniel; wife, Mary; son, Thomas

CULMER, Thomas; wife, Judith

DICKENSON, John; wife, Mary

DORSETT, Mary (single woman)

EVANS, William; wife, Amelia; son, John; slaves, 8

EVANS, Elizabeth; sons, John & Joseph; slaves, 2

INGRAHAM, Joseph; wife, Mary; daugs., Sarah, Mary, Ann, Bethia, Cathrine; boy, Duke

INGRAHAM, Benjamin; wife, Rebecca; son (man), Benjamin

INGRAHAM, William; wife, Miriam

KNOWLES, Robert; wife, Martha; girls, Eliza, Ann Mary; boys, Thomas & Daniel

KNOWLES, Elizabeth, widow; boys, John & Samuel

KNOWLES, John; wife, Ann; daugs., Hannah, Judith & Sarah

KEMP, Benjamin; women, Jane & Mary; daug.(girl), Martha

KEMP, Anthony; sons,(men), John & Anthony, (boy) Benjamin

LOW, Gideon; wife, Martha; daugs (girls), Eliza & Martha

LOW, Matthew; wife, Sarah; daugs. (girls), Mary & Francis; man, Thomas

LOW, John; wife, Elizabeth

NEWBOLD, Sarah (single woman)

NEWBOLD, Samuel; wife, Mary; daug., Eliza

OLIVER, Charles; daug. (girl), Mary; sons, Thomas, Charles, John & Benjamin

PENSHAW, John; wife, Sarah; daugs. (children), Mary, Sarah & Susannah

PINDER, Richard

RONLAND, Charles; wife, Elizabeth; Chas. Jr.; daug-in-law, Mary Coverley; slaves, 11

SPENCER, Moses; wife, Mary; daug., Mary; son, Thomas

SANDS, Samuel; wife, Sarah; boys, William & Samuel

SANDS, Peter, Sr.; wife, Sarah; boys, John & Charles

SANDS, Peter, Jr.; wife, Mary; girl, Mary; boy, John

SAWYER, Richard; wife, Ann; girls, Mary & Sarah; man, Wm.; boy, John

WATKINS, Wm.; Hodon; William’s mother, Mary; Mary Susannah; slaves, 4

WATKINS, Benjamin; wife, Mary; sister (woman), Hannah; slaves, 5

WEATHERLY, Wm.; wife, Mary; girls, Martha & May
* Registrar of Records Office Book C., pp. 175-177

SOURCE: Abstracted from “The Early Settlers of the Bahama Islands with Account of the American Revolution” by A. Talbot Bethell (1930).

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