Colonial Office Lists for 1862,1865, 1866 1871, 1879 and 1883.

TRINIDAD ENTRIES IN various and assorted COLONIAL OFFICE LIST Handbooks.

Transcribed by David Hunt, Email: May not be copied or reproduced without permission from transcriber.

1865. Trinidad. p.96.
Landing Waiter: C. CHIPCHASE, -300 Pounds salary.
Supervisor: H. CHIPCHASE, -330 Pounds, p.a.
1866. Trinidad.

Legislative Council, page 101.

Non-Official Members: (inter-alia)
Chas. Geo. PANTIN,
Fredr. John SCOTT,
L.A. Aime de VERTEUIL.
Civil Establishment, p.101.
Supervisors: H. CHIPCHASE, -330 Pounds salary, p.a.
Postmaster General: C. CHIPCHASE, -350, plus a house
Stipendiary Justices:

For County Caroni: H.J. PANTIN -500 Pounds.
On page 202 are Curriculum Vitae’s for Daniel HART, and Nathaniel HART (and on p. 193 of the 1865 edition)

1871. Trinidad. p.120.
Legislative Council:
Louis A.A. de VERTEUIL.
Fredr. WARNER.
Receiver-General’s Dept.
Supervisors: C. CHIPCHASE. -330 Pounds.
Superintendant of Public Works Dept.:
Draughtsman: L. LABISTIDE -100 Pounds
2nd. Clerk: L.L. GANTEAUME: – 50 Pounds.
Crown Lands Dept.:
Clerk: CHIPCHASE (no initial) -50 Pounds.
p. 121:
Stipendiary Justices:
County of Mayaro, Nariva & St. Andrew: A.F. GANTEAUME: -200 Pounds.

1879. Trinidad: p.164.
Legislative Council: Non-Officisals: L. GUISEPPI
Receiver-General’s Dept.:
5th.Clerk: W. GAMBLE. -100 Pounds
Auditor-General’s Dept.
2nd. Clerk: C. LEGGE. -150-250 Pounds salary, p.a.
4th. Clerk: W.H. GAMBLE -200 Pounds. p.a.
7th.Clerk: C. PANTIN. -150 Pounds. p.a.
Public Works Department:
2nd. Assistant to the Director of Public Works: L. LABASTIDE -400 Pounds.
Post Office: PostMaster General. H. CHIPCHASE: -450 Pounds, +residence.

Stipendiary Justices: County of Mayaro: F.A. GANTEAUME. -200 Pounds.
F.A.Ganteaume is also listed as warden of Mayaro.

The Colonial Office List.
1910. Trinidad.

Public Works Department:
Junior Divisional Engineer: F. de LABASTIDE, A.M.I.C.E.
60 Pounds, plus 150Pounds Travelling Allowance. -p.386
Record Clerk: L.C. ARNEAUD. 200-300Pounds – p.386.
District Officers: Princestown: C. O’HALLORAN. 160 Pounds, plus travelling allowance. -page 387.
Customs Department:
3rd. Junior Clerk. G. FIFI. 75-100 Pounds. -p.387.
2nd.Junior Check Clerk. D. PANTIN. 100-125 Pounds. -p.388
Assistant Landing Waiter. L.M. HAY. 100-125 Pounds. -p.388.
Landing Waiter, 2nd.Class: J.R. POTTER. 210-240 Pounds. -p.388.
Registrar-General’s Department:
2nd.Clerk. L. FIFI. 200-250 Pounds. -p.388.
6th.Clerk. E.M. LEGGE 50 Pounds. -p.388
Judicial Department:
Clerk to the Judges. C.K. LEOTAUD. 150-200 Pounds -p.388.
Clerk to Deputy Marshall and Accountant. A. PANTIN. 80-100 Pounds. -p.388
Stipendiary Justices:
*OROPOUCHE and LA BREA. T.I. POTTER. 50 Pounds. -p.389
*draws also 250 Pounds as Warden.
Clerks of the Peace:
County of St. Patrick (Cedros) L.A. VOISIN. 150-200 Pounds. -p.389
Warden: Oropouche. T.I. POTTER. 350 Pounds, plus 75 Pounds travelling allowance.
Note: The Wardens are also Savings Bank Managers, Sanitary Inspectors and Supervisors.
Medical Establishment:
2nd.Clerk. B.C. BESSON. 200-275 Pounds. -p.391.
he is also secretary, Quarantine. 50 Pounds.
3rd.Clerk. G.A. RICH. 150-200 Pounds.
Government Medical Officers:
R. SCHEULT, Resident Surgeon, Colonial Hospital: quarters and 600 Pounds. -p.391.
A. PAMPELLONE, (listed as one of four) Supernumerary Surgeons. – quarters
Lunatic Asylum:
Teacher and Clerk. R.P. DICK. 100-150 Pounds. -p.391.

1915. Trinidad.

Auditor-General’s Department:
J.E. SEHEULT 175-200 Pounds. -p.392.
Military Department:
Adjutant, T.L.I.V., Captain F.W. URICH. 75 Pounds. -p.392.
Public Works Department:
Storekeeper: L.M. HAY. 40 Pounds. -p.392.
District Officers:
Toco: C. O’HALLORAN. 200-300 Pounds (plus travelling allowance). -p.392.
Assistant District Officer. L.G. SEHEULT, A.C.G.I. – p.392.
Clerks to Engineers, Clerks to Assistant Director of Public Works
L.M. HAY. 125-150 Pounds. -p. 392.
Clerks to District Officers. J.C. HAY. 80-100 Pounds. -p. 393.
Immigration Department:
5th.Clerk. R. de LA BASTIDE. 60 Pounds. -p. 393.
San Fernando Treasury:
Paymaster. G. ACHE. 250 Pounds, and 50 Pounds,personal.
(and 150 Pounds,travelling allowance.)
Customs Department:
2nd.Class Landing Waiter. J.R. POTTER. 210-240 Pounds. -p. 394.
3rd.Class landing Waiter. E.M. LEGGE. 100-200 Pounds. -p.394.

Registrar-General’s Department:
Registrar General. T.J. POTTER. 550 Pounds. -p. 394.
Crown Lands Department:
Sub-Intendant. H.F. GANTEAUME. 500-600 Pounds, plus travelling allowance, and 50 Pounds personal allowance.
Stipendiary Justices:
Savana Grande: H.P. GANTEAUME. 600 Pounds. -p. 395.
Medical Establishment:
2nd.Clerk. George Adolf URICH. 200-275 Pounds. -p.396.
Government Medical Officers:
-for Mayaro: A.J. PAMPELLONE: house, horse allowance and 300 Pounds. -p. 396.
Colonial Hospital:
Chief Clerk. R.P. DICK. 150-200 Pounds. – p. 396

1930. Trinidad.

Public Works Department:
General Assistant to the Assistant Director of Public Works.
L.G. SEHEULT, A.M.I.C.E., A.C.G.I. 500-600 Pounds. -p. 476.
Survey Department:
Crown Surveyor. J.W. MACGILLIVRAY. 800-850 Pounds. -p.477.
Treasury and Excise Department:
Check Staff: 1st.Clerk. E.M. LEGGE. 450-500 Pounds. – p. 477.
San Fernando Treasury:
Chief Clerk and Cashier. P.J. CUMMING. 325 Pounds. -p. 477.
Railway Department:
Locomotive Branch:
Carriage and Wagon Shop manager. R. DICK. 350-400 Pounds. -p. 478.
Engineering and Maintainence Branch:
1st. District Engineer. E.F. CORNILLIAC. 540 Pounds. -p. 478.
Registrar-General’s Department:
3rd. Clerk. J.C. HAY. 200-300 Pounds. – p. 478.
Forest Department:
Chief Clerk. P.R. DICK. 300-400 Pounds. -p. 478.
Government Medical Officers:
Chaguanas: A.J. PAMPELLONE, M.B., Ch.B.,Edin.
680 Pounds. House and personal allowance 100 Pounds. – p. 479.
Arima: Rudolf Carl WUPPERMAN, M.B., Ch.B., Edin. 724 Pounds, quarters.
Duty Allowance 100 Pounds. – p. 480.
L.G.W. URICH, M.R.C.S., L.R.C.P. 400-600 Pounds. -p. 480.
Department of Agriculture:
Cacao Agronomist: L. SEHEULT, B.Sc. 550-600 Pounds, plus quarters.
-he is also listed as Superintendant, River Estate, but paid as Cacao Agronomist.

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