Tortola Monthly Meeting of Friends 1740-1760

BALNAUES, Elexander and Mary BISHOP, intentions of marriages 2nd time, 3rd day of 5th month, 1748.
BELNIEWS, Jerusha died 14th of 6th month and was buried next day in Friends Burying ground in Fathog Bay.
BELNIEWS, Mary, daughter of Alexander & Jerusha BELNIEWS, born 25th of 8th month, 1746.
BELNIEWS, Mary died 27th day of 11th month 1748 and buried at Friends Burying Ground at the road.
BISHOP, Mary        see BALNAUES, Elexander
BISHOP, Rebekah, wife of Townsend BISHOP, died 18th of 6th month 1743.
BISHOP, Townsend and Mary REYNOLDS, intentions of marraiged 2nd time, 2nd day of 1st month, 1747.
BISHOP, Townsend died 22nd of 7th month 1747, buried in Friends Burying Ground at the road the day after.
BISHOP, Rebecca     see MURPHREY, Thomas
BROWN, Ann Elizabeth, daughter of James & Elizabeth born 6th day of 11th month 1754.
BROWN, James Thomas, son of James & Elizabeth born 23rd day of 5th month 1759.
BROWN, James, son of James & Elizabeth BROWN, born 9th day of 4th month 1748.
CHALKLEY, Thomas, ministewring Friend from Philadelphia on 12th day of 8th month. Sickened on the 29th and died on 4th of the 9th
     Month, 1741. Buried that evening in Friends Burial Ground on the island.
CLANDANIEL, Abraham son of Rebekka and John CLANDANIEL, born 2nd day of 12th month, 1753.
CLANDANIEL, Ann, daughter of William & Susanna, born 19th day of 6th month 1753.
CLANDANIEL, Elizabeth, daughter of William & Susanna, born 1st day of 1st month 1758.
CLANDANIEL, Hester, daughter of William & Susanna born 28th day of 5th month 1750.
CLANDANIEL, Hugh Montgomery, son of Wiliam & Susanna, born 19th day of 7th month 1755.
CLANDANIEL, Hugh Montgomery, son of William, died 15th day of 3rd month 1759.
CLANDANIEL, Hugh Montgomery, son of William & Susanna, born 25th day of 5th month 1760.
CLANDANIEL, Isaac son of John & Rebekka CLANDANIEL, born 14th day of 10th month 1755.
CLANDANELL, John, son of William & Suzanah born 4th day of 7th month 1745.
CLANDANIEL, Mary, daughter of William & Susannah born 30th day of 6th month, 1748.
CLANDANIELL, William, son of William & Susanna CLANDANIELL, born 4th day of 12th month 1746
CLANDANIELL, William, son of John & Rebekka CLANDANIEL was born of 2nd of 6th month, 1751.
CLANDANEL, John son of John and Rebecca born 18th day of 3rd month 1750.
CLENDANEL, John and Rebecca DANIEL, intentions of marriage 2nd time 26th day of 4th month, 1749
DOWNING, Francis, daughter of John and Francis DOWNING, born 28th of 12th month 1746.
DOWNING, Francis, died 1st day of 12th month 1748 and buried at Friends Burying Ground at the road.
DOWNING, John of Tortola and Francis RAWLEY, relict ofJames RAWLEY of Tortola. Married 4th day of 5th month
     of 1742 at the house of John PICKERING in Fort Hog Bay.
DOWNING, Peter, son of John & Francis DOWNING, born 21st day of 12th month 1744/5.
DOWNING, Samuel son of John and Francis DOWNING was born 5th day of 4th month 1743.
ESTAUGH, John and John CADWALEDAR arrived here from Philadelphia in John PICKERING's sloop on 8th day of
     9th month 1742. John CALWALEDAR died on 26th of same month of a floox which he got on the passage.
     John ESTAUGH died on 6th day of 10th month of a fever.
EVANES, Mary and Phiba SMITH arrived here on a religious visit the 14th of 2nd month 1750. Stayed 32 days and had
     good service and went well away. John PICKERING Jr came with them and went hence the 14th of 5th month
     1750 by way of New Yorke designed to Philadelphia in a sloop belonging to his father, Richard Ross, Master.
EVERIT, Mary, daughter of Abraham & Mary , born 9th day of 8th month 1744.
EVERET, Mehitabel   see WILLIAMS, John
EVERET, Rebekah     see POWE, George
GAUTHROP, Thomas arrived and sailed from the island. (1756).
GEORGE, Catheran, child of William and Cathren GEORGE born 7th day of 7th month 1743.
GEORGE, Elizabeth, daughter of William & Cathren GEORGE, born 19th of 11th month 1746.
GEORGE, Ellener, daughter of William & Cathren GEORGE was born on 25th day of 6th month 1750.
GEORGE, Katharine, died 23rd day of 9th month, 1760.
HUMPHRIS, Hannah, daughter of Thomas & Sarah HUMPHRIS was born between 3rd and 4th day of 9th month 1745.
HUMPHREYS, Rebekah, wife of Thomas, died 3rd of 1st month 1743.
HUMPHRYS, Richard son of Thomas and Sarah HUMPHRYS born 13th of 2nd month 1750.
HUMPHRIES, Sarah, daughter of Thomas and Sarah HUMPHRIES, born 6th of 10th month of 1746.
HUMPHRYS, Sarah daughter of Thomas, born 19th day of 3rd month, 1753.
HUMPHRIS, Thomas, son of Thomsa & Sarah HUMPHRIS was born on 11th day of 10th month 1748/9.
HUMPHRES, Thomas and Sarah LAKE, Intentions of marriage 2nd time 10th of 2nd month 1744.
HUNT, Mary     see NOTTINGHAM, Samuel
LAKE, Anna daughter of Jonas & Elizabeth LAKE was born on 21st of 9th month 1745.
LAKE, Miriam daughter of Jonas and Elizabeth LAKE born 8 th day of 5th month 1749.
LAKE, Sarah    see HUMPHRES, Thomas
LETSOM, Benjamin, son of John by his wife Margery was born 14th day of 6th month, 1742.
LETSOM, John, son of John & Margery LETSOM born 19th day of 9th month, 1746.
LETSOM, Mary, daughter of John & Margry LETSOM, born 12th day of 3rd month 1744.
     MARTIN, John sailed from hence on 28th day of 3rd mont h 1749 with Capt. James Haydon in a small sloop for
     Philadelphia on a religious visit.
MURPHREY, Thomas of the Island of Tortola and Rebecca BISHOP, daughter of Townsend BISHOP of Tortola. Married 9th day of
     9th month, 1741 at house of Townsend BISHOP.
NOTTINGHAM, Samuel and Daniel STANTON arrived here on a religious visit of 28th day of 7th month and went
     from here to St. Thomas on 22nd of 11th month and sailed from thence to England on the 31st of same in an
     English ship.
NOTTINGHAM, Mary, wife of Samuel NOTTINGHAM, arrived from New York to this island with Capt. John
     Scotlawrence 26th of 10th month 1757.
NOTTINGHAM, Samuel arrived here the 8th day of 3rd month 1759 from North America.
NOTTINGHAM, Samuel and Mary HUNT, intentions of marriage 2nd time 29th day of 11th month 1749.
PARKE, Bytha, wife of James PARKE, delivered a son on 19th of 8th month (October) 1741 and named John and died
     9th of 5th month (July) 1742.
PARKE, Dorcas, daughter of James & Bithiah PARKE, born 3rd of 5th month 1744.
PARKE, James, widower of Guanah Island and Mary VANDERPOOl widow of the Island Camanders were married in
     his own house on Guanah Island the 1st day of 8th month (Aug) 1754.
PARKE, James and Mary VANDERPOOL, intentions of marriage 2nd time, 29th day of 8th month 1754.
PICKERING, Dorcas, wife of John PICKERING was delivered of her first child, being a girl on 18th day of April 1742
      and  called  Dorcas . Baby  died  on  11t h  day of November of same year.
PICKERING, Dorcas, daughter of John and Rebecca, born on 28th day of 5th month 1749.
PICKERING, Dorcas, daughter of John & Rebecca died 14th day of 6th month 1751 between 2 and 3 o'clock in the
morning and buried same day in Friends Burial Ground by her brother, Zacharia on the right end.
PICKERING, Dorcas, wife of John, died 14th day of 2nd month 1747 about 12 o'clock in the day of measles, 9th day after
     it appeared.
PICKERING, Isaac, son of John & Rebecca, born 27th of 11th month 1755.
PICKERING, John and Rebekah Seacors, intentions of marriage 2nd time, 17th day of 8th month, 1748
PICKERING, John Jr. son of John PICKERING, and grandson of John PICKERING, Sr. was born. 1759.
PICKERING, Josiah, son of John & Rebecca born 1759.
PICKERING, Rebecca, daughter of John & Rebecca, bron 15th of 12th month 1753.
PICKERING, Sarah, daughter of John PICKERING Jr. born 19th of 5th month 1756.
PICKERING, Zachariah, son of John PICKERING, died 12th of 2nd month 1747, about one o'clock of the day of the
     measles, 6th day after it appeared.
PICKERING, Zacharias, son of John and Dorcas PICKERING, was born on 5th day of 7th month (September) (possibly
POWE, George and Rebekah EVERET, intentions of marriages 2nd time, 30th day of 2nd month, 1749.
PURCERALL, Patience see THOMAS, William
RAWLEY, Francis     see DOWNING, John
RAWLEIGH, James, son of James & Elizabeth RAWLEE born 2nd of 3rd month 1753.
REYNOLDS, Mary      see BISHOP, Townsend
RICHARDSON, Sarah   see SMITH, Peter
RYAN, Eunice, daughter of Joseph & Rebecca RYAN, born 19th day of 11th month 1744.
RYAN, Isaac, son of Joseph & Rebecca RYAN born 8th of 10th month, 1746.
RYAN, Joseph of island of Joesvandinks and Rebecca TIMBERMAN of the same island, married 2nd day of 11th month
RYAN, Mary daughter of Andrew & Frances RYAN, born 10th of 3rd month 1746.
RYAN, Suzana, daughter of Andrew and Francis RYAN, born 18th 0f 6th month 1742.
SMITH, Benjamin, son of Thomas & Ann SMITH was born 5th day of 1st month (March) 1742.
SMITH, Peter and Sarah RICHARDSON, intentions of marriage 2nd time, 17th day of 8th month, 1748.
SMITH, Phiba        see EVANES, Mary
STANTON, Daniel     see NOTTINGHAM, Samuel
STRONG, William of Antiqua Island, batchelor (sic) and Patience PURCERALL of Island of Tortola, widow, married
     at meetinghouse in Fathog Bay on 1st day of 9th month (September) 1756.
THOMAS,  William sailed from hence on 9th day of the 5th month 1749 in a scow for Lancaster on a religious visit.
THOMAS, Wiliam died on 26th day of 9th month 1757.
THORNTON, William of Island of Tortola, batchelor and Dorcas ZEAGERS of island of Tortola, maiden, married at
meetinghouse, Fathog Bay, 1st day of 8th month (August) 1757.
TIMBERMAN, Rebecca  see RYAN, Joseph
VANDERPOOl, Mary    see PARKE, James
VASCRAGING, Elizabeth, born 26th day of 6th month 1752.
VASCRAGING, Catherine, born 5th day of 3rd month 1756.
VASCRAGING, Zacharias, son of John & Mary born 14th day of 6th month 1758.
WILLIAMS, John and Mehitabel EVERET, intentions of marriage 1st time 7th  day of 2nd month, 1746.
ZEAGERS, Dorcas     see THORNTON, William

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