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Transcribed from ‘ The Colonial Office List for 1899. ‘ – pages 268 to 270.

Executive Council.

The Governor, President.

The Colonial Secretary.

The Attorney-General.

The Commandant of Local Forces.

The Auditor-General.




Legislative Council of Trinidad and Tobago.

The Governor, President.


Sir C.C. KNOLLYS, K.C.M.G., Colonial Secretary.

N. NATHAN, Q.C., Attorney-General.

Vincent Browne, Q.C., Solicitor-General.

H.C. BOURNE, Auditor-General.

W. WRIGHTSON, Director of Public Works.

F. LOVELL, C.M.G., Surgeon-General.

W.H. COOMBS, Commander, R.N., Protector of Immigrants.


D.B. HORSFORD, Receiver-General.

Major-General Sir F.C. SCOTT, K.C.B., &c., Commandant of Local Forces.

R.H. McCARTHY, Collector of Customs.

G.T. FENWICK (The Chaguanas, Cova and Montserrat Ward).

C. LEOTAUD (The Borough of San Fernando).

W.G. GORDON (The Borough of Port of Spain).

A.P. MARRYAT (The Naparima and Savana Grande Ward Unions).

G.H. McEACHRANE (The Island of Tobago).

W. HOWATSON (The St.Ann’s and Diego Martin Ward Unions).

H.A. ALCAZAR (The Borough of Port of Spain).

W.S. ROBERTSON (The Borough of San Fernando).

E. CIPRIANI (The Arima, Mayaro, Blanchisseuse and Toco Ward).

Clerk of Council, S.W. KNAGGS.

Civil Establishment.

* * All salaries of 100 Pounds a year and over are subject to a deduction of 4 per cent. for the Widows’ and Orphans Fund.

Governor and Commander-in-Chief, Sir H.E.H. JERNINGHAM, K.C.M.G. 5,000 Pounds.

A.D.C., Captain D.W. MILNE-HOLME.

Private Secretary, R.A.B. PONSONBY.

Colonial Secretary’s Department.

Colonial Secretary, Sir C.C. KNOLLYS, K.C.M.G. 1,200 Pounds.

Assistant Colonial Secretary, A.C. ROSS, 450-600 Pounds.(50 Pounds personal allowance). …. 650 Pounds.

1st. Clerk, S.W. KNAGGS 350-500 Pounds.

2nd. Clerk, C.J. ROOKS 250-350 Pounds.

3rd. Clerk, A. TAITT 150-250 Pounds.

4th. Clerk, C.K. LEOTAUD 100-150 Pounds.

5th. Clerk, J.M. FARFAN 100 Pounds.

6th. Clerk, J.C. KNOLLYS 100 Pounds.

1st. Government Messenger, G.H. SIMPSON 120 Pounds.

2nd. Government Messenger, H. WILLIAMS 50 Pounds.

Auditor-General’s Department.

Auditor-General, H.C. BOURNE, 800 Pounds, and 50 Pounds travelling allowance.

Senior Examiner (Customs Branch), W.H. GAMBLE 300 Pounds.

Senior Examiner (General Branch), J.I? GUTHRIE 300 Pounds.

Junior Examiners (General Branch:

* C.F. GIBSON 150-250 Pounds.

* E. FITZGERALD 100-200 Pounds.

* A.G. AGOSTINI 100-150 Pounds.

* F.V. SPOONER 100-150 Pounds.

* P.L. ANDERSON 100 Pounds.

Provisional Clerk, E. DURUTY 200 Pounds.

Inspecting Clerk, E.C. HUGHES 200 Pounds.

Provisional Clerk, W.A. SYKES 100 Pounds.

Provisional Clerk, R. DUMORET 150 Pounds.

Military Department.

Commandant, Major-Gen. Sir F.C. SCOTT, K.C.B., K.C.M.G.

Staff Officer, Major R.B. TODD, 350 Pounds, and 50 Pounds for forage.

Garrison Quartermaster, Capt. S.D. WOOD, 200 Pounds, and 25 Pounds for forage.

Serjeant Instructors:


* W. McINTYRE and H. HEALY (Infantry) each at 135 Pounds.

*G.A.F. WATSON (Cavalry) and W. MARSH (Artillery) each at 130 Pounds.

Public Works Department.

Director of Public Works, Walsh WRIGHTSON 1,000 Pounds and trav.allce.200 Pounds.

Divisional Engineers:

Assistant Director Public Works, Senior Divisional Engineer, P. STEVENS 700 Pounds and travelling allowance 150 Pounds.

Junior Divisional Engineer, F. De LABASTIDE 400 Pounds and traveling allowance 150 Pounds.

Headquarter Staff:

Assistant Engineer, Port of Spain (350 Pounds and trav.allce. 100 Pounds) D.M. HAHN

Estimator and Draughtsman, R.J.S. BUSHE 300 Pounds.

Clerk of Works, N. Division, C.H.E. MAINGOT 250 Pounds and trav.allce 60 Pounds.

Extra Clerk of Works, F.B. BACCARCICH 200 Pounds and trav.allce 90 Pounds.

Chief Clerk and Office Assistant, A. LABASTIDE 300 Pounds and 100 Pounds pers.allce.

Second Clerk, R.W. GORDON 200 Pounds.

Third Clerk, L.C. ARMAND 80 Pounds.

District Officers:

Sangre Grande (N. Division), J.O. ROSTANT 250 Pounds and trav.allce 100 Pounds.

Arima (N. Division), J. DONALDSON 200 Pounds and 100 Pounds trav.allce.

San Fernando (S. Division), J. ACHE 200 Pounds and trav.allce 100 Pounds.

Couva (S. Division), A. De BOEHMLER 200 Pounds and trav.allce 100 Pounds.

Princes Town (S. Division), J. ROJAS 200 Pounds and trav.allce 100 Pounds.

Diego martin (N. Division), A. VON GILLHAUSEN 150 Pounds and trav.allce 60 Pounds.

Cedros (S. Division), E. LEGGE 150 Pounds and trav.allce 60 Pounds.

Head Overseers:

Toco, W. HIGGINS 150 Pounds.

Sangre Grande and Mayaro, M.T. PASEA 150 Pounds.

Clerks to Divisional Engineers and District Officers:

Port of Spain (Divisional Engineer), L.M. LEGRUDRE 125 Pounds.

San Fernando (Divisional Engineer), G.A. SOLOMON 100 Pounds.

Port of Spain (District Officer), S. ROBINSON 80 Pounds.

San Fernando (District Officer), E. PITT 80 Pounds.

Cedros (District Officer), R. LASALLE 80 Pounds.

Diego Martin (District Officer), (vacant) 60 Pounds.

Arima (District Officer), (vacant) 60 Pounds.

Sangre Grande (District Officer), W. HAY 80 Pounds.

Princes Town (District Officer), G.HART (tem.) 60 Pounds.

Couva (District Officer), W.H. HARRIS 60 Pounds.

Tacarigua (District Officer), C.H. PETERS 60 Pounds.

Finance and Store:

Storekeeper and Wharfinger, W.C. NOCK 275 Pounds.

1st. Accountant, G. FITZGERALD 190 Pounds.

2nd. Accountant, E.H. FITT 125 Pounds.

Clerk, L. GUPPY 75 Pounds.

Water Works – Port of Spain:

Assistant Engineer, J.L. CLERK 275 Pounds and trav.allce. 60 Pounds.

Keeper of Wash and bath Houses, D. BASANTA 100 Pounds.

Superintendent of Transport Train, W. POUCHET 182 Pounds and trav.allce. 30 Pounds.

Imigration Department.

Protector of Imigrants, W.H. COOMBS, Commander, R.N., 800 Pounds and 200 Pounds trav.allce.

Sub-Protector and Inspector, H.C. STONE 450 Pounds, 100 Pounds trav. and 100 Pounds personal allce. Inspectors:

* F. GIBBON 400 Pounds and 150 Pounds trav.allce.

* W.L. KNOX 350 Pounds and 50 Pounds trav.allce.

* H.L. KNAGGS 300 Pounds and 60 Pounds trav.allce.

Assistant Inspector, A. De BOISSERIE 200 Pounds, and 5 Pounds a month for horse.

1st. Clerk, N. St.HILAIRE 250-350 Pounds.

2nd. Clerk, R.D. BANNATYNE 200-250 Pounds.

3rd. Clerk, H.W. STONE 150-200 Pounds.

4th. Clerk, H.J. CADIZ 100-150 Pounds.

Interpreters, J.C. McHUGH 330 Pounds.

Immigration Agent at Calcutta, Oliver W. WARNER, 1,500 Pounds, and 500 Pounds trav.allce.

Treasury, Eexcise, and Savings Bank Department.

Receiver-General, D.B. HORSFORD 900 Pounds.

Account Branch:

Chief Clerk, E. ECKEL 400-450 Pounds, and 50 Pounds allowance.

2nd. Clerk, C. PANTIN 250-350 Pounds.

3rd. Clerk, A. MONTEIL 200-300 Pounds.

4th. Clerk, C.A. POLLONAIS 200-250 Pounds.

5th. Clerk, J.A. CUMMING 100-200 Pounds.

6th. Clerk, F. HUGHES 150 Pounds.

Receipt and Pay Branch:

Cashier: J. BROWN, 425 Pounds, allowance 40 Pounds.

Clerk, G.P.O. ROOKS 150 Pounds.

Paymaster, L. SORZANO 300 Pounds, travelling allowance 150 Pounds.

General Branch:

Clerk, H.S. LITTLEPAGE 150 Pounds.

Savings bank Branch:

Accountant, A.E.C. ROSS 400-450 Pounds.

1st. Clerk, R. SALAZAR 150-200 Pounds.

2nd. Clerk, W.E. ROSS 100-150 Pounds.

3rd. Clerk, J.J. De BOISSIERE 100 Pounds.

Excise Branch:

Excise Officer, C.A. LANGFORD 300-400 Pounds.

1st. Locker, J. ARNEAUD 100-150 Pounds.

2nd. Locker, J. REIGNAULT 100 Pounds.

General Supervisor, G.W. NORMAN, 300 Pounds and 100 Pounds travelling allowance.

Supervisor, Port of Spain, C.A. POLLONAIS 505 Pounds.

San Fernando Treasury:

Sub-Receiver and Sub-Collector of Customs, O.C. FITZGERALD 500 Pounds.

Chief Clerk, H.H. SEALY 250-300 Pounds.

2nd. Clerk, L.A. VILAIN 100-150 Pounds.

3rd. Clerk, P. De La ROSA 100-150 Pounds.

4th. Clerk, H.A. BLANDIN 100-120 Pounds.

Paymaster, G. ACHE 250 Pounds and 150 Pounds trav.allce.

Excise Branch:

Locker, J.R. LEWIS 100-180 Pounds.

Supervisor, A. JOHNSTON (no salary quote)

Customs Department:

Collector of Customs, R.H. McCARTHY 700-800 Pounds and 100 Pounds as Detaining Officer, under merchant Shipping Ordinance…………. 900 Pounds.

Collector, San Fernando, O.C. FITZGERALD 100 Pounds.

1st. Clerk, F.B. FRASER 300-350 Pounds.

2nd. Clerk, H. WAINWRIGHT 200-300 Pounds.

3rd. Clerk, P. FAHEY 115-215 Pounds.

4th. Clerk, E. WAINWRIGHT 50-100 Pounds.

5th. Clerk, H. LAUGHLIN 50 Pounds.

Landing Waiters and Lockers, 1st. Class:-

R. MUIR 300-340 Pounds.

A. HART and F. McLEOD 250-300 Pounds.

Landing Waiters, Lockers, and Tide Surveyors, First Section, Second Class:-


J.A. PIERRE, I.K. HORSFORD, W. HUGGINS 210-240 Pounds. (each)

Second Section, Second Class:-

S. CLARKE, T. CUTLER, J.R.T. POTTER ……..120-200 Pounds.

M. SMITH, R.L. GUPPY, A. ECKSTEIN …………… 80-100 Pounds.

E.R. PASHLEY ……. ……… ……… 100 Pounds.

Railway Department.

General and Traffic Manager, W.E. SMITH 750 Pounds.

Assistant Traffic Manager, H.C. MORCOM 300 Pounds.

Chief Clerk, William FAHEY 400 Pounds.

Engineer for Works and Maintainence, H.R. MARWOOD 600 Pounds.

Accountant, H. FORD 300 Pounds.

Cashier, G. ARCHIBALD 200 Pounds.

Storekeeper, L. VALEE 250 Pounds.

Locomotive Engineer, J.W. TOMLINSON 500 Pounds.

Telegraph Superintendent, W. SNEDDON 260 Pounds.

Registrar-General’s Department.

Registrar-General and Examiner of Titles, E.C.M. STONE 500 Pounds.

Chief Clerk, H.L. O’BRIEN 300 Pounds.

2nd. Clerk, B. COLLINS 100 Pounds.

3rd. Clerk, L.E. POWER 50 Pounds.

Harbour Master’s Department.

Harbour master of the Island, J.B. SAUNDERS 500 Pounds, and 50 Pounds for lighthouses, and fees as Shipping Master.. 550 Pounds.

Assistant Harbour Master, T.C. PILE 250 Pounds.

Clerk, W. KIRCALDIE 100 Pounds.

Harbour Master, san Fernando, O. FITZGERALD 100 Pounds.

Post Office Department.

Postmaster-General, J.A. BULMER, 550 Pounds, and residence.

1st. Clerk, J. NORMAN 200-300 Pounds

2nd. Clerk, J.L. SARGEANT 150-200 Pounds.

3rd. Clerk, E.F. STONE 100-150 Pounds.

4th.Clerk, A. JONES 100-150 Pounds.

5th. Clerk, T.M. OVID 100-150 Pounds.

6th. Clerk, W. CODRINGTON 100-150 Pounds.

7th. Clerk, B.B. LITTLEPAGE 100-150 Pounds. 8th. Clerk, A.E. HORNE 80-100 Pounds.

Crown Lands Department.

Sub-Indendant, G.F. BUSHE, 600 Pounds, and 100 Pounds travelling allowance .. 700 Pounds

Chief Clerk and Assistant to the Sub-Intendant, H.F. GANTEAUQE 300-350 Pounds.

2nd. Clerk, T. POTTER 150-200 Pounds.

3rd. Clerk, W.F. KNOWLES 75-125 Pounds.

4th. Clerk, J.F. LYDER 75-100 Pounds.

Survey Department.

Engineer in Charge of Surveys, C.S. COCHRANE, B.A., 500 Pounds, and 100 Pounds allowance. ….. …….. 600 Pounds.

1st. Assistant to Director of Surveys, R. KERNAHAN 350 Pounds, and 100 Pounds allowance …… …….. 450 Pounds.

2nd. Assistant to Director of Surveys, H. MASSY 200 Pounds, and 100 Pounds allowance.

Draughtsman, T. SORZANO 225 Pounds.

Extra Draughtsman, Thomas SORZANO 120 Pounds.

Clerk, F.L. SELLMAN 100 Pounds.

Botanical and Agricultural Department.

Superintendent and Recorder of Meteorological Observations,

J.H. HART, F.L.S. 425 Pounds.

Assistant to the above, W. LESLIE 130-150 Pounds.

Clerk, Henry MASSY 75-100 Pounds.

Judicial Department.

Chief Justice, Sir J.T. GOLDNEY, 1,800 Pounds.

First Puisne Judge, W. Llewellyn LEWIS, 1,000 Pounds.

Second Puisne Judge, T. BAYNES, 1,000 Pounds.

Clerk to the Judges, P.L. FRASER, 150-200 Pounds.

Accountant of the Court, C. LIGOURE, 150 Pounds.

Registrar of the Courts, Registrar in Bankruptcy and Marshall, T.H. THOMPSON, 750 Pounds.

Chief Clerk to the Registrar, E. CLARKE, 300-400 Pounds.

2nd. Clerk, L.F.E.R. HART, 200-300 Pounds.

3rd. Clerk, J. McVORAN, 175-200 Pounds.

4th. Clerk, F. COLLINS, 100-175 Pounds.

5th. Clerk, I. BODU, 100-175 Pounds.

6th. Clerk, L. FIFI, 100 Pounds.

Copyists, H. DELMAS and G.S. JARDINE, 50 Pounds each.

Marshall Clerks:

D. HART, 300 Pounds.

E. JOBITY, 120 Pounds.

Sub-Registrar, San Fernando, R.S. ROWBOTTOM, (no salary quote)

Attorney-General, N. NATHAN, Q.C., 1,300 Pounds, and 300 Pounds for clerical assistance ………….. 1,600 Pounds.

Solicitor-General, Vincent BROWNE, Q.C., 200 Pounds salary, and fees 157 Pounds,10shillings, and allowance for clerical assistance, 150 Pounds ……….. 507 Pounds,10shillings.

Crown Solicitor, L.D. O’CONNOR, 300 Pounds.

Stipendiary Justices.

Western District, County St.George, R.M. ROUTLEDGE, 750 Pounds.

Eastern District, County St.George, L.M. POWER, 600 Pounds.

County Victoria/Savana Grande, H.H. PASEA, 600 Pounds and 150 Pounds travelling allowance ………. 750 Pounds.

* Arima and Blanchisseuse, L.P. PIERRE, 400 Pounds and 50 Pounds travelling allowance. * draws also 200 Pounds as Warden.

# County of Mayaro, George ECCLES, 200 Pounds. # draws also 300 Pounds as warden.

+ Cedros, H.D. HUGGINS, 400 Pounds. + draws also 225 Pounds as Warden.

* Toco, J.F.A. REDHEAD, 200 Pounds. * draws also 250 Pounds as Warden.

Oropouche, La Brea, and Erin, R. JOHNSTONE (paid as Warden, Naparima).

Clerks of the Peace.

Town of Port of Spain, H.C. FRANCOIS, 250-300 Pounds, and travelling expenses.

Assistant Clerks,

Port of Spain, F. COLLIE, E. PLUMMER and A. BLANC, 100-140 Pounds.

Town of San Fernando, R.S. ROWBOTTOM, 250-300 Pounds.

Assistant, San Fernando, R. SANDERSON, 100-150 Pounds.

County of St.George, Eastern District, T.A. FRANCOIS, 250 Pounds.

Assistant Clerk, W.L.J. KERNAHAN, 100 Pounds.

County Caroni, T.N. BROWNE, 250 Pounds, and 25 Pounds allowance.

Assistant, County Caroni, L.A. VOISIN, 80 Pounds. Savana Grande, &c., 150 Pounds.

County of St.Patrick, J.E. RAWLE, 150 Pounds.

Arima, V.R.H. Van BUREN, 100 Pounds, and allowance,45 Pounds.


(who are also Savings Bank Managers and Sanitary Inspectors)

Northern Province:

Warden, St.Ann’s and Diego Martin, A.S. BOWEN, 450 Pounds, and 100 Pounds travelling allowance.


Tacarigua, T.H. WARNER, 400 Pounds, travelling allowance 75 Pounds.

Arima, H. HARRIGAN, 500 Pounds, and 50 Pounds travelling allowance.

Couva, W.L. LaCROIX, 400 Pounds, and 100 Pounds travelling allowance.

Chaguanas, (vacant), 300 Pounds, 50 Pounds travelling allowance.

Mayaro, G. ECCLES, 250 Pounds.

Blanchisseuse, L.P. PIERRE, 200 Pounds.

Montserrat, C. FLANAGIN, 350 Pounds and 100 Pounds allowance.

Toco, J.F.A. REDHEAD, 200 Pounds, and 50 Pounds allowance.

Southern Province:

Warden, Savana Grande, H.C. WARNER, 400 Pounds, and 75 Pounds allowance.

Warden, Naparima,150 Pounds, R. JOHNSTONE, 500 Pounds, and 50 Pounds travelling allowance. ………… 700 Pounds.

Warden, Cedros, H.D. HUGGINS, 175 Pounds and 50 Pounds travelling allowance…225 Pounds.

Warden, Oropouche, T.J. POTTER, 300 Pounds, and 60 Pounds travelling.

Ecclesiastical Establishment.

Church of England.*

* The present Bishop is not paid from Public Funds. On the occurrence of vacancies in the Ecclesiastical Establishment no new appointment is made by the Government.

Bishop of Trinidad, Rt. Rev. J.T. HAYES, D.D.

Dean of Holy Trinity, Very Rev. A.E. SMITH.

Rector of.. St. Paul, Rev. Canon Doorly.

St. Mary, Rev. W.M. Springer.

St. Stephen, Rev. Archdeacon TROTTER.

St. Andrew, Rev. E.F. TREE.

St. Luke, Rev. J. TURPIN.

All Saints, Revs. A. HOMBERSLEY, C. IMAGE.

St. Margarets, Rev. H.A. MELVILLE.

St. Michael, Rev. W.I. KEAY.

The Good Shepherd, Rev. _ HALL.

St. Jude, Rev. ……

St. Saviour, Rev. C.B. RAGBIR.

St. Matthew, Rev. A.H. GREY.

St. Clements, Rev. Canon DOUGHLIN.

Grace Church, Rev. W.T. ALLEN.

Christ Church, Rev. W.H. DUPORT.

Curates, Revs. E.J. HOLT, J.H.N. KNOGHT, and S.R. BROWNE.

Roman Catholic Church.

Archbishop of Port of Spain,

The Most Rev. Vincent FLOOD.

Vicar-General, Rev. G.M. O’FARREL, O.P.

Rector, Port of Spain, Very Rev. S. SILVESTER.

Assistant Cures, ditto, Revs. C. MANNES, F. GERMAIN, M. JOSEPH, E. SIMEON, J. BOUCHE, F. HILAIRE.


Arima, Rev. C.B. De MARTINE.

Arouca, Rev. M. FARRELLY.

Blachisseuse, Rev. — HYACINTHE.

Caura and Tunapuna, Rev. F. SIMEON.

Carenage, Rev. — COCQUET (acting).

Caroni, Rev. P. PERDOMO.

Chaguanas, Rev. J.H. MARCIL.

Cedros, Rev. — SORT.

Couva, Rev. — CALCIER-CURE.

Diego Martin, Rev. H. COCQUET.

La Brea and Erin, Rev. — SORT (acting).

Maraval, Rev. M.F. ALVAREZ.

Mayaro, Rev. P. Le JACQ.

Montserrat, Rev. F. EUSEBE.

New Town, Rev. P. GANNON.

Oropouche and Siparia, Rev. __ O’SENDA.

Pointe-a-Pierre, Rev. J.B. RABANIT.

St.Ann, Rev. F. VICTOR.

St. Joseph, Rev.– PUTZ.

San Fernando, Rev. P. HEFFERMAN, Rev. –CANTWELL, assistant curate.

San Juan/Santa Cruz, Rev. L. MAILLEUX.

Savana Grande, Rev. M. GRANT.

Sangre Grande, Rev. F. De MARTINI (acting).

Toco, Rev. F. HYACINTHE.

Presbyterian Church.


Wesleyan Church.


Educational Establishment.

Principal of Queen’s Royal College, W. BURSELM, 700 Pounds, and 112 Pounds,10 shillings rent allowance. …… 812 Pounds,10 Shillings.

2nd. Master, Q.R.C., H.H. HANCOCK,B.A. 550 Pounds.

3rd. Master, Q.R.C., A.M. LOW, 300 Pounds.

French Master, C.E. BRADSHAW, 200 Pounds

Spanish Master, C.E. BRADSHAW, 50 Pounds.

Professor of Chemistry, and Government Analyst, P. CARMODY, 800 Pounds.

Assistant, W.H. INCE, 300 Pounds.

Principal of College of Immaculate Conception, Rev. W. CAROLL, 500 Pounds.

Inspector of Schools, R.G. BUSHE,M.A. 600 Pounds.

Assistant Inspectors, W.H. ROBINSON, 275 Pounds. C.H.D. HOBSON and E.G. PENELOSA, 200-250 Pounds each; and G. Von WEILLER, 150-200 Pounds.

Superintendent of Model School, J.H. COLLENS, 400 Pounds.

Superintendent of Girls’ Model School, Mrs. G.F. BOWEN, 250 Pounds.

Third Clerk to Inspector and Drawing Master, P. JOHN, 170 Pounds.

Accountant, A.E. BRERETON, 200 Pounds and 50 Pounds personal allowance.

Clerk, J.V. De BOISSIERE, 100-150 Pounds.

Clerk, W. KENNY, 85 Pounds.

Medical Establishment.

Surgeon-General and Medical Officer of Health, F. LOVELL,C.M.G. 1,100 Pounds.

Chief Clerk, Secretary, Quarantine, Secretary-General Board of Health, H.W. BRATHWAITE, 300-400 Pounds.

2nd. Clerk, B.C. BESSON, 150-200 Pounds.

3rd. Clerk, D.B. JARDINE, 75-150 Pounds.

Hospitals’ Accountant, C. LIBERT, 125-250 Pounds.

Medical Storekeeper, J.B. INNISS, 200-250 Pounds.

Assistant, ditto, ditto, L.M. COOK, 75-125 Pounds.

Government Medical Oficers:

E.J. HAMMOND, Savana Grande, 800 Pounds.

T. MURRAY, Tacarigua, 900 Pounds.

J.A. De WOLF, Port of Spain, North, Health Officer Shipping, and Medical Inspector of Immigrants, 750 Pounds.

C.F. KNOX, Port of Spain, South, Medical Attendant Royal Gaol, Surgeon to Police and House of Refuge, 750 Pounds.

L. FABIEN, North Naparima, Health Officer San Fernando, and Police Surgeon San Fernando, 650 Pounds.

F.A. De VERTEUIL, Arima, house and 600 Pounds.

A.A. BOUCAUD, Couva, house and 600 Pounds.

R.H.E. KNAGGS, Diego Martin, and Medical Superintendent Leper Asylum, 750 Pounds.

J.W. EAKIN, South Naparima, and Consulting Surgeon San Fernando Hospital, house and 650 Pounds.

H.M. ALSTON, St. Joseph, house and 550 Pounds.

G.R. PERCY, Guaracara, house and 600 Pounds.

R.C. BENNETT, Indian Walk, house and 550 Pounds.

E.I. READ, Santa Cruz, house and 575 Pounds.

J.G. GRAVELY, Gran Couva, house and 600 Pounds.

J.P. TULLOCH, Bocas, Surgeon to Carrera’s Convict Depot, house and 450 Pounds.

G.S. SECCOMBE, Medical Superintendent, Lunatic Asylum, house and 750 Pounds.

J.B.E. JOSEPH, Pointe-a-Pierre 600 Pounds.

E.A.G. DOYLE, Resident Surgeon, Colonial Hospital, house and 650 Pounds.

E.N. DARWENT, Resident Surgeon, San Fernando Hospital, house and 625 Pounds.

J.A. PEREZ, Senior Assistant Surgeon, Colonial Hospital, quarters and 500 Pounds.

C.B. REID, Chaguanas, house and 450 Pounds.

W.V.M. KOCH, 2nd. Assistant Surgeon, Colonial Hospital, quarters and 350 Pounds.

A.P. LANGE, Oropouche, 500 Pounds.

J.R. DICKSON, Supernumerary Surgeon, quarters and 350 Pounds.

C.W. HEWLETT, Cedros, house and 450 Pounds.

A. MILNER, Mayaro, 450 Pounds.

R. SEHEULT, J.A. MACFARLANE, F.C. LENEHAN, C.F. LASALLE, Supernumerary Surgeons, each 250 Pounds and quarters.

W.F. CLEAVER, Supernumerary Surgeon, Toco, house and 350 Pounds.

Colonial Hospital, Port of Spain.

Dispenser (vacant) 150-200 Pounds.

Assistant Dispenser, F.A. COOMBS, 75-125 Pounds.

2nd. Assistant Dispenser, J.F. MORGAN, 75-125 Pounds.

Clerk, R.H. HARDY 150-200 Pounds.

2nd. Clerk (acting) E.W. BONNETT, 75-100 Pounds.

3rd. Clerk (acting), R.H. SKINNER, 50-75 Pounds.

Steward, J.A. MORGAN, 150-200 Pounds.

Superintendent of Nurses, 100-150 Pounds.

Night ditto, ditto, Mrs. ROBERTS, 75-100 Pounds.

San Fernando Hospital:

Dispenser, J.C. POYER, 100-150 Pounds.

Assistant Dispenser, A.E. KING, 50-100 Pounds.

Clerk, F. MEWA, 100-150 Pounds.

Assistant Clerk, A.E. MARK, 50-75 Pounds.

Steward, W.A. WYKHAM, 100-150 Pounds.

Matron, Mrs. E.C. GUOYDON, 75-115 Pounds.

Superintendent of Nurses, Mrs. E.C. FIDDLER, 75-100 Pounds.

Lunatic Asylum:

Head Attendant (Male), Chas. BIZZELL, 150-200 Pounds.

Head Attendant (Female), Miss M. FLOOD, 125 Pounds.

Teacher and Clerk, C. SOLOMON, 50-100 Pounds.

Steward, G. ROBINSON, 100-150 Pounds.

Dispenser, W.E. SWOARD, 50-100 Pounds.

Leper Asylum:

Resident Superintendent, Rev.Mother Marie NIGAY, 225 Pounds.

Dispenser, Sister T. NOVEL, 40 Pounds.

House of Refuge, St.Clair:

Resident Superintendent, Mrs. S.L.C. STANLEY, 150-200 Pounds.

Assistant to Superintendent, Mrs. E. GOODING, 50 Pounds.

Steward, T. St.HILL, 75-100 Pounds.

Public Health Department:

Sanitary Inspector, Port of Spain, W.S. DARWENT, 300 Pounds.

Sanitary Inspector, San Fernando, R. JOHNSTONE, 300 Pounds.


Government Analyst and Professor of Chemistry, P. CARMODY, 800 Pounds.

Assistant Government Analyst, F. INCE, 300 Pounds.

Constabulary and Gaols.

Inspector General, Major-Ge. F.C. SCOTT, K.C.B., K.C.M.G., 1,200 Pounds.

Deputy Inspector-General and Inspector of Weights and Measures, A.D.P. OWEN, 715 Pounds.

Inspector of Police (San Fernando), J. BRIERLY, 550 Pounds.

Sub-Inspectors, T. GIBLAN and C.B.H. NORMAN, 250 Pounds, and 50 Pounds allowance.

Inspector of Prisons, Industrial, and Reformatory Schools, A.D.P. OWEN, 100 Pounds.

Superintendent of Prisons, and Keeper of Royal Gaol, Geo. Thos. WHITE, 400 Pounds, 100 Pounds allowance, and quarters.

Assistant Superintendent and Clerk of Royal Gaol, G.F. BOURNE, 300 Pounds.

Second Assistant Superintendent, H.K. COLLENS, 100 Pounds.

Storekeeper, &c., M.T. PASEA, 80 Pounds.

Volunteer Fire Brigade:

Captain, Port of Spain, W.S. DARWENT, 200 Pounds.

Captain, San Fernando, R. JOHNSTONE, 100 Pounds.

Manager of Government Farm and Pastures, C.W. MEADON, 400 Pounds.

Government Veterinary Surgeon and Examiner of Animals, F. POGSON, (allowed private practice) … 300 Pounds.

Superintendent, Government Printing, H.J. CLARK, 600 Pounds. Manager, J. PAGET, 300 Pounds.


Spain, F.J. SCOTT.

Italy, F.J. SCOTT.

Columbia, F. BECERRA.

Sweden and Norway, Christian SCHONER.

Germany, Hugo HOFFMANN.

Austria-Hungary, August HOLLER.

Netherlands, E.J. SCOTT.

Venezuela, J.M. BETANCOURT-SUCRE; Vice-Consul, E. GRELL.

Belgium, F.E. SCOTT.

U.S.America, W.C. FOSTER; Vice-Consul, J.H. ARCHER.

Portugal/Brazil, D. De MONTBRUN.

France, M.R. MOUNET.

Denmark, W. HOLLER.

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