Barbados Census 1680 – St. Joseph Parish

Sources: The Original Lists of Persons of Quality; Emigrants; Religious Exiles, Political Rebels; Serving Men Sold for a Term of Years; Apprentices; Children Stolen; Maidens Pressed; and Others Who Went from Great Britain to the American Plantations, 1600-1700, Edited by John Camden Hotten. Public Records Office, State Papers, Colonial Office General, CO1/44/47/f141-379, State Papers, CO28/16/2/f100-375

Note: While I have attempted to include all names listed in these documents, this is an excerpt and does not include all information from these files. T. England

Transcribed by Terri England, 2002.

(Sorted by Last Name, First Name)

Allin M:r Rich
Andres Churchwarden J
Andrews M:r Jonathan
Barnes Nicholas
Barnitt Henry
Bateman Christopher
Benney Churchwarden E
Benney Esq:r Edward
Bickle M.r Tho
Bissick Widdoe ?
Brians Peeter
Brookes M.r Thomas
Brumley M:r John
Campion Camberlin
Cator Danniell
Chandler Richard
Cocke M:rs Hannah
Coleman Anthony
Collins M:r Arthur
Comins Rob:t
Coningham George
Conniers Derman
Cox William
Dauis M:r Richard
DeHem M:r Seger
Drewer Williem
Eaton George
Elmore Randall
Engerfeild M.r Dauid
Euritt Thomas
fflaid Edwd
ffoster Thomas
ffoster Widdoe ?
Gallop Cap:t Henry
Gibbs Lif:t John
Grant M.r William
Heed M.r William
Hinson Edward
Hobbs Mathew
Houlder Esq.r John
King Thomas
Langam Rich
Low M:r Richard
Lucas John
Lucus William
Lues Cap:t John
Macaskey Allen
Mackaboy William
Madason M.r Robert
Mannick M:r Andrew
Marshall M.r Robert
Mascall Robert
Mayne Thomas
Mirrick Dsq.r John
Mountsteuens Dauid
Murphey Dennis
Murroe John
Parkes Corn:t John
Patrick Daniell
Perfett Widdoe ?
Pinfold Lif:t Richard
Pollord James
Powell Cap:t Humphery
Price Edward
Proser Widdoe ?
Quarles John
Rasins M.r Samuell
Riley M.r Hugh
Russell M.r John
Sauis Cap:tn John
Shangan Daniell
Sharpe Esq.r William
Shepard Widoe ?
Smith John
Smith M.r Ffrances
Steuens John
Suttle Widdoe ?
Tayler Robert
Thorne Lif.t John
Thorne Widdoe ?
Toppin Widdoe ?
Vaughan M.r John
Veuer Julian
Wagett John
Waldron Allexsand:r
Walker William
Waterman Esq:r John
Waterman M.r Bennony
Watson John
Watts Charles
Weston Widdoe ?
Weyett Daniell
Whitacar Benja
White M:rs Dorithy
William M:r Hugh
Williams Dauid
Wolford M.r Henry
Wood M.r John
Worsham Esq.r John
Young John

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