1841 Census of St. John Island

The following is a list of landowners from the 1841 Census of St. John Island. These are not head-of-households, but only a list of those who owned acerage (plantations) on St. John at the time of the census. Ownership of a plantation on St. John does not necessarily mean the person was also living on St. John. If there is a “?” after the name, it means that the handwritting was difficult for me to read, and I was unsure of the spelling of the name.

Henry L. Knouds ?
Moravian Brethern
J. Haley Meiro ?
E.P.E. Weimar
His Majesty
Isaac A. Knivils
E.T. and J.W. Weimar
? Schimamielman
James Henry Hicks
H.H. Berg
H.I. Hill, R. Hill, and M. Hill
Agent N.I. Lyardmaard?
Doctor Wm. Rian and T.R. Semgusto Eno ?
M.S. Richardson
John D. Moore
Eliza ?
Alexander Frazer
Cathrine Michael and children
Margrethe Brailhivaile
John Wm. and Zrnst Weirmar
Mrs. J.E. Velter
Captain I. Mourier
David Evans
Mary Ann Eno ?
James Vantigboop ?
Jacob Eno
Johannah Guthuff
Jackob George
Elizabeth Simmons
— ?
Maria Marckay ?
Sally Turner
Sewer and Eliza Braithwaite
John Jacob and Sewer’s Heirs
Peter Martin and Sewer’s Heirs
Minors Ushers
Moravian Brethren
Christian Hughens ?
Abraham George
Timothy George
John Abraham Sewer
Richard Finch
Peter George
Lydia Wright
Maria Petronilla Johnston
The Heirs of John Storge ?

Other names copied from the 1841 St. John Census
(not a comprehensive list)
Names appear in the order of the census.
Other vital information such as age and birth place not given here.

William H. Lind
Angeline L. Lind
Ann E. Lind
Ann Bernhoff
Constantin Dekoker
Charles Dekoker
Susanna Dekoker
John Gibbs
Eliza Gibbs
Ellis Vanderpool
Clara Smith
Ann Vanderpool
Paine Mathias
Amanda DeWint
Philipp Wint
Peter Pohasie
Abigail Pohasie
John Jacob
James Roblis
John Henley
George Henley
John Henley
Celia Henley
Polly Henley
Sarah Eno
Lydia Scipio ?
Charlotte Leneral ?
Maria Hughes
Mary Adam
Johannes Wilhelm
Jacob Wilhelm
Sarah Martin
Wilhelmine Beverhouett
Ann Beverhouett
Susanna Beverhouett
Maria Kambeck
William Fytrema ?
Henena Fytrema ?
John Kambeck
Isaac Kambeck
Maria Kambeck
Eliza Fytreme ?
Friderich Ebeling
William Blyden
Maria Testamacker
Frances Prince
Lucy William
Ann Jacob
Sophie Weimmar
Julia Weimmar
Catherine Henley
Johanna Timmerman
Margreth Cronenberg
Ann Kambeck
Isaac Schultz
Hans Cronenberg
Catherine Cronenberg
Catherine DeWint
John Fytsema
Ann R. Frederik
Maria Fytsema
William Fytsema
Catherine Frederik
John William
Ann Henley
Cecilie Henley
Constantin Dekoker
Sarah Martin and children
Maria L. Kambeck
Pane Braithwaite’s children
Lucy William
Sophia Weinmar
Eva Welthagen
James Beintin ?
M. Weimar
A. Weimar
E. Weimar
M. Wood
Johanna Simmons
Elizabeth Simmons
Nancy Simmons
Molly Simmons
From St. Thomas 1841 Census:

Caroline Heyliger
John Simmons
Adelaide Oxholm
Caroline Simmons
Thomas Simmons
William B. Lind
T.R. Simmons
Mary Ann Simmons
John M. Simmons
Geroge J. Simmons
Richard Simmons
John J. Simmons
Alexander Simmons
Erasmus C.W. Muller
Anna Marie Muller

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