Danish Lutheran Church Parish Registers

In the late 1820s, the Danish Lutheran Church on St. Thomas Island suffered a fire which burned the building to the ground. With the help of all the other churches on the islands, the Danish Government, The Royal Government of the West Indies, and private citizens, the church was rebuilt. It is not known to me how much of the parish registers were lost in the fire.

Selected names relevant to my own research have been copied from these parish registers. They are posted here in hopes that they might help someone else, too.

Henrick Thoager, child of Kragh Masla Moller and Petrie Moller
Jens Nicolaj, child of Madanna Grunner and Otto Tolkersen
Johan Christian, son of Sara Magdalenes
BURIALS 1828-1839
Sara Ann Lind, August 4, 1830
Anna Rerete Lind, April 28, 1833
Ola Mina Joldiailpatent Muller ?, January 8, 1834
Josephine Muller, October 30, 1834
Christian Oxholm, January 28, 1838
Peter Heyliger, September 28, 1838

Regina de Anna F. Muller, August 29, 1840
Polly Heyliger, October 7, 1841
Anna Magdalene Lind, Marts 11, 1843
John M. Muller, January 20, 1844
Mrs. Lusanna Harvey, April 14, 1846
Isak Gregg, mother Eliza Dyer, January 1, 1847
Sarah M. Lind, December 14, 1847
CONFIRMATIONS of Pastor Kingo, Pastor Lund, Pastor Volkersen

Elizabeth Heyliger 1803
Anna Catherina Heyliger, slave owned by Fr. King, 1808
Maria Magdal Lind, slave owned by Hans Majistie, 1817
Anna Sophia Lind, slave owned by Governor Rohde, 1831
Adelaide Oxholm, 1839
Maria Petervella Lind, 1843

Maria Magdalene Lind
Anna Rozette Lind
Maria Catherine LInd
Susanna Engelina LInd
Anna Sophia Lind
Aljreandio Knuthsen
Mary Haddine

Christine Dorothe Hjardemaal, March 29, 1818
Christopher Jorgensen, July 9, 1821
Hans Haagensen, December 1833
Henrietta Haagensen, September 1835
Anna Eliza Haagensen, December 1837
Malhilde Josephine Haagensen, November 1837
William Gustavius Haagensen, September 1840

Mr. Haagensen
Christian Haagensen
Henry Harvey

Hans Haagensen to Sarah Julia Magens
James Angustus Lindesay to Jennifer Louise Oxholm, January 26, 1847
Herman Lane to Mathilde Josephine Haagensen, January 8, 1869
Emil Vilhelm Timmerman to Jakobine Cornelia Oxholm, November 6, 1886
George Harvey to Cecilie Sephrina Baa, May 6, 1886

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