Book 2, The beginning
free persons on Estate/sex/total/whereborn/age(running year included)/religion(when baptized)/mar,unm, widr,wid/title(office, trade, living, situation in the Family, or what they live by/possessing burgherbriefs and from what date/in which Militia Corps-doing duty, in what capacity

Company's Quarter

Estate: Petersminde, belonging to John MC CORMICK

MC CORMICK, John             M    Scotland                      46   Presbyterian 1794   mar       Planter
MC CORMICK, Jane             F    Porto Rico                    29   Catholic 1812       mar       wife
MC CORMICK, John  Donald     M    St Croix                      01   Protestant 1841     *         their child
MC CORMICK, Alexander        M    Porto Rico                    23   Catholic 1818       unm       invalid bro of Mrs Cormick
BROWN, Mary                  F    St Croix                      25   Catholic 1816       unm       House servant
MC DONNEL, Elizabeth         F    St Croix                      14   Catholic 1827       unm       an apprentice
reported by John MC CORMICK, St Croix 1 Oct 1841
Estate: Cathrine's Hope, belonging to Johasy ABRAHAMSON's Hurs.

CORNELIUS, Maria D.          F    St Croix                      63   Lutheran 1779       unm       Baking
MILLER, Susanna W.           F    St Croix                      34   Protestant 1807     unm       Seamstress
ZACHARIAS, Cathrine L.       F    St Croix                      19   Protestant 1824     unm       Seamstress
FORBES, Fredericka C.        F    St Croix                      38   Protestant 1808     wid       Seamstress
FORBES, James R.             M    St Croix                      20   Protestant 1823     unm       Taylor
FORBES, Charles A.           M    St Croix                      15   Protestant 1826     unm       clerk
FORBES, Edmund M.            M    St Croix                      07   Protestant 1830     unm       apprentice
reported by Maria D. CORNELIUS. one family
House: "Providence" situtated on Richmond Estate,, belonging to John ZISDKA
ZISDKA, John                 M    St Croix                      57   Roman Catholic 1785 widr      Master taylor
SHIMEKIN, William            M    St Croix                      37   Danish Church 1805  *         taylor
ZISDKA, Frederick A.         M    St Croix                      13   Roman Catholic 1829 boy       supported by father
ABBOTT, Charles E.           M    St Croix                      16   Episcopal 1826      boy       taylor
MC FARLANE, Margaret         F    St Croix                      35   Episcopal 1807      unm       seamstress
ABBOTT, Ann                  F    St Croix                      38   Episcopal 1804      wid       seamstress
REED, Rebecca                F    St Croix                      20   Roman Catholic 1822 unm       supported by uncle
ABBOTT, E. C.                F    St Croix                      18   Episcopal 1823      unm       seamstress
HARRISON, Maria              F    St Croix                      56   Episcopal 1786      unm       pensioner
WILLIAMS, Mary               F    St Croix                      23   Episcopal 1818      unm       working out
ABBOTT, Cathrine A.          F    St Croix                      10   Episcopal 1832      child     *
BREWER, Felicia              F    St Croix                      15   Episcopal 1827      unm       seamstress
ABBOTT, Irena C.             F    St Croix                      05   Episcopal 1837      child     *
CONNER, Ann R.               F    St Croix                      02   Episcopal 1841      child     *
CLIPITY, Marta               F    St Croix                      14   Danish Church 1827  girl      drudge
SHIMEKIN, Cathrine           F    St Croix                      12   Danish Church 1830  girl      *
SHIMEKIN, Anna E.            F    St roix                       10   Danish Church 1832  girl      *
reportedby J. ZISDKA 4 Sep 1841, 4 families
Hospital called Petersfarm, belonging to His Majesty the King (of Denmark)

FYHRAMT, J. G.               M    Berlin                        59   Lutheran 1783       widr      hospital catterer
FYHRAMT, J. G. W.            M    St Croix                      06   Lutheran 1836       unm       child
FYHRAMT, Octavia Louise E.   F    St Croix                      03   Lutheran 1838       unm       child
WILLEREY, W . T.             M    Copenhagen                    24   Lutheran 1817       unm       clerk
WILLEREY, Raphael            M    Copenhagen                    29   Luthean 1812        unm       assisting surgeon
COLQUHOUN, Cathrine          F    St Croix                      25   Lutheran1816        unm       house servant
SCHWARTZKOPF, Jane           F    St Croix                      25   Lutheran 1816       unm       house servant
SCHWARTZKOPF, Cathrine       F    St Croix                      03   Lutheran 1837       unm       child
reported by (undecipherable), Petersfarm 3 Oct 1841, 3 families
Estate: Bugby Hole, belonging to Jarvis ROEBUCK

UYTENDAHL, Abram             M    St Croix                      30   Lutheran 1811       mar       manager
UYTENDAHL, Catharine         F    St Croix                      35   Catholic 1807       mar       *
UYTENDAHL, Joshua            M    St Croix                      03   Lutheran 1839       *         *
reported by A. Roebuck, St Croix 4 Oct 1841, 1 family
Estate: Cornhill, Company's Quarter #18, belonging to P. ENGLAND

ENGLAND, P. Snr.             M    St Kitts                      66   Protestant 1778     unm       owner of estate
ENGLAND, P. Jr.              M    St Crox                       25   Protestant 1817     unm       supported by estate
ENGLAND, An cilletta         F    St Croix                      20   Protestant 1822     unm       ditto
ENGLAND, Margaret            F    St Croix                      18   Protestant 1824     unm       ditto
ENGLAND, Susanna             F    St Croix                      15   Protestant 1827     unm       ditto
DANIEL, Alletta              F    St Croix                      48   Protestant, ?       unm       mother of family, ditto
ANTHONY, Charlotte           F    St Croix                      52   Lutheran, ?         unm       washing
reported by P. England , Sen. & P. England Jr., 1 family
Estate: Friedensthal, company's quarter #1, belonging to the United Brethren

HAEUSER, Georg Wilhelm       M    Karlsruhe, DEU                43   Moravian 14/04/1799 mar       mission superintendent
HAEUSER, Dorothea Emilia     F    Gnadenfeld, DEU               35   Moravian 8/06/1807  mar       his partner
ROEMER, Joseph Reinhold      M    Neunrid, DEU                  34   Moravian 26/12/1807 mar       schools and infirmary inspector
ROEMER, Louisa Charlotte     F    Berlin, DEU                   34   Moravian 20/10/1807 mar       his partner
MUELLER, Johann Gottlob      M    Erkmansdorf, DEU              60   Moravian 18/05/1782 mar       missionary, head of blacksmith trade
MUELLER, Anna Rosina         F    Peilau, DEU                   56   Moravian 08/12/1786 mar       his partner
LINKE, Ehrenfried Renatus    M    Dietendorf, DEU               32   Moravian 10/10/1809 unm       assistant in mission & trade
WARNER, William Henry        M    Philadelphia, USA             22   Moravian 26 Aug 1820          unm                 mission assist., teacher/schools
ROEMER, Theodore Louisa      F    Friedensthal, St Croix        01   Moravian 19/04/1841 child     *

negroboys, not belonging to the place:
--- Thomas Francis           M    St Croix                      09   Catholic            child     *
--- Augustus Manuel          M    St Croix                      07   Danish Church 03/04/1836      child               *
reported byW. HAEUSER and J. ROEMER, 3 families
Estate: Bulowsminde, compagniet's quarter, #6 & #13, belonging to Wm. HANSEN

von SCHOLTEN, P.             M    Viborg, DEN                   58   Lutheran 1784       mar       Governor General of Danish WI
reported by P. v. Scholten, 1 family
Estate: Recoveryhill, company quarter #24, belonging to Ths. H. Hill's children

REIMER, Carl                 M    Kiobenhavn, DEN               34   Lutheran 18/05/1808 mar       Kange Fieldenagtig
REIMER, Mary Sarah           F    St Croix                      25   English Church 28/06/1817     mar                 wife of C. REIMER
OGAARD, Priscilla Elizb.     F    St Croix                      36   Roman Catholic 07/05/1806     unm                 house servant
reported and signed by Carl REIMER, responsible person on the estate and attorney to the owners., 1 family
Estate: Retreat, company's quarter #13a, belonging to His Majesty.

PERCY, Hugh                  M    Ireland                       32   Episcopalian 1819   unm       overseer
reported 4 Oct 1841 by C. Lucas, attorney to Joseph Ridley, Esq,& Joseph W. Hope, Manager, 1 family
Estate: Golden Rock, company quarter #4, belonging to R. J. GRANT, Esq

GORDAN, Sarah                F    St Croix                      65   Protestant 1776     unm       *
reported 1 Oct 1841 by R. J. GRANT by his attorney, G. BOHAGEN.
Estate: Little Princess, company quarter5 & 13, belonging to R. J. GRANT, Esq.

PARKE, William               M    Ireland                       30   Protestant 1811     mar       Planter
PARKE, Louisa E.             F    St Croix                      17   Protestant 1823     mar       wife
VERUNSEN, Charles            M    St Croix                      19   Lutheran 1822       unm       Planter
LINCOLN, Maria               F    St Croix                      21   Lutheran 1820       unm       seamstress
reported 1 Oct 1841 by G. Bohagen for R. J. GRANT, Esq.
Estate: Belle Vue, company quarter #35, belonging to J. C. KRAUSE

KRAUSE, John Chs.            M    St. Croix                     45   Calvinist 1796      mar       Planter
KRAUSE, Mary                 F    America                       40   Episcopal           mar       wife
KRAUSE, W. E.                M    St Croix                      12   Lutheran 1830       unm       son
KRAUSE, M. W.                M    St Croix                      21   Moravian 1821       unm       son
KRAUSE, Anna L.              F    St Croix                      10   Episcopal 1836      unm       daughter
KRAUSE, H. B.                M    St Croix                      09   Episcopal 1836      unm       son
KRAUSE, C. M.                F    St Croix                      08   Episcopal 1836      unm       daughter
KRAUSE, Jas. B.              M    St Croix                      07   Episcopal 1836      unm       son
KRAUSE, Maria A.             F    St Croix                      04   Moravian 1841       unm       daughter
SMOTHERGILL, J.              M    Ireland                       25   Episcopal 1827      unm       overseer
BARRAN, M.                   M    Ireland                       20   Catholic 1821       unm       Portends to be Planter
GORDON, Catharine            F    St. Eustatia                  68   Episcopal 1773      unm       nurse
DONTE', Anna                 F    St Croix                      17   Episcopal 1824      unm       housekeeper
reported by J. C. KRAUSE and John SMOTHERGILL, 2 families
Estate: La G. Princesse, company quarter #36, belonging to heirs of Count SCHIMMELMANN

RUTLEDGE, Aaron              M    Ireland10 Aug 1812            29   English Church 1812 unm       manager
LUCAS, John                  M    America                       23   English Church 12 Jul 1818    unm                 overseer
REYNOLDS, Alexander          M    Ireland                       21   English Church 10 Nov 1820    unm                 overseer
O'CARROL, George             M    St Croix                      36   Catholic 10 Jul 1805          mar                 under overseer& carpenter
O'CARROL, John               M    St Croix                      05   Danish church 8 May 1836      unm                 son
O'CARROL, Ophelia            F    St Croix                      36   Danish church 14 Jul 1805     mar                 wife
O'CARROL, Ophelia            F    St Croix                      02   Danish church 7 Mar 1840      unm                 daughter
reported 1 Oct 1841, W. BEECH, attorney to heirs of Count Schemmelmann, and A. RUTLEDGE, manager, 1 family
Estate: Diamond, company quarter, belonging to His Majesty

TOSS, John A.                M    Denmark                       33   Lutheran 1810       mar       Manager of estate
BAHNEBERG, Arthur N.         M    Denmark                       30   Lutheran 1818       unm       clerk in Christiansted
TIDEMAND, Willhelm           M    Denmark                       27   Lutheran 1814       mar       School
CHARLY, John                 M    St Croix                      07   English Church 1835 unm       *
TOSS, Eliza                  F    St Croix                      36   Lutheran 1807       mar       wife of John A. TOSS
TIDEMAND, Tora               F    Norway                        28   Lutheran 1814       mar       wife of Willhelm TIDEMAND
DOHMER, Casper               M    St Croix                      22   Lutheran 1814       unm       overseer
reported 4 Oct 1841 by John TOSS.
Estate: Longford, company quarter, belonging to His Majesty the King

KNUDSEN, H. C.               M    Denmark                       54   Lutheran 1788       mar       renting the estate
KNUDSEN, M. C.               F    Denmark                       42   Lutheran 1799       mar       wife
KNUDSEN, M. L. N.            F    St Croix                      10   Lutheran 1832       child     child
KNUDSEN, P. C. F.            F    St Croix                      06   Lutheran 1835       child     child
KNUDSEN, P. J.               M    St Croix                      04   Lutheran 1838       child     child
KNUDSEN, C. F.               M    St Croix                      01   Lutheran 1840       child     child
MADURO, C.                   F    St Croix                      28   English 1813        unm       seamstress
HOYER, W.                    M    Denmark                       29   Lutheran 1812       unm       manager
GJERLOW, J.                  M    Denmark                       21   Lutheran 1821       unm       overseer
RICHARD, Dick                M    St Croix                      46   English 1796        unm       lives by fishing
1 Oct 1841
Estate: Contentment, company quarter #last row, belonging to Carl BITHORN

POWLES, Henry                M    St Croix                      35   Episcopal 1806      unm       servant
1 Oct 1841
Estate: Anna's Hope, company quarter #8, belonging to G. HENDERSON

FOSTER, J.                   M    Copenhagen, Denmark           51   Lutheran 1791       widower   Judge in Super Court
BLAKE, E.                    F    St Croix                      33   Episcopal 1808      unm       resides in house
---, Alexander               M    Guinea                        58   Mission congregation          unm                 house servant
reported 4 Oct 1841
Estate: Anna's Hope #2, company quarter #8, belonging to George HENDERSON

MOORHEAD, William            M    Ireland                       27   Episcopal 1815      unm       manager
WILKINS, John                M    Ireland                       27   Episcopal 1815      unm       overseer
Estate: Hafensight, belonging to A. E. HUGAARD

HUGAARD, Anna Elisa          F    St Croix                      40   Lutheran 1801       unm       *                   
---, Malvina                 F    St Croix                      27   Lutheran 1815       unm       house servant
---, Victoria                F    St Croix                      08   Lutheran 1834       unm       *
Estate: Bogbyhole

MATHEWS  M                   Note: this man has been returned from Sionfarm and is only moed here as responsible person this day the 4th Oct 1841.
Estate: House on Richmond Land, belonging to Mr. NEVILLE

CORVENIUS, Frances           F    St Croix                      41   Protestant 1805     wid       pensioner
CORVENIUS, Waldemar          M    St Croix                      18   Protestant 1827     unm       supported
CORVENIUS, Ida               F    St Croix                      19   Protestant 1823     unm       supported
ENGLAND, Eliza               F    St Croix                      50   Protestant 1792     unm       pensioner
ENGLAND, Ann                 F    St Croix                      46   Protestant 1796     unm       needlework
NEVILLE, James               M    St Croix                      22   Catholic 1814       unm       saddler
QUILLEN, James               M    St Croix                      07   Catholic 1834       unm       supported by father
reported by Frances CORVENIUS
Estate: House on Richmond Land, belonging to Mr. D. FINLAY

ROBINSON, Ann                F    St Croix                      67   Protestant 1775     unm       baking
SMITH, Susannah              F    St Croix                      27   Protestant 1815     unm       needlework
GOLIA, Elisabeth             F    St Croix                      21   Catholic 1820       unm       hired out
HODGE, Cathren               F    St Croix                      58   Protestant 1783     unm       selling small articles
reported by Ann ROBINSON
Estate: House on Richmond, belonging to Mr. Beaty

RAWLINS, Ann                 F    St Kitts                      50   English Church 1791 unmd      rent money
MCLAUREN, William            M    St Croix                      18   English Church 1823 unmd      mason
reported by Ann RAWLINS
Estate: Aldershvile, belonging to J. L. WITTROG

JOHNSON, Martin B.           M    St Croix                      36   English 1806        mar       clergyman
JOHNSON, Elizabeth S. C.     F    St Kitts                      38   English 1804        mar       wife
JOHNSON, Wm. Henry           M    St Kitts                      06   English 1836        unm       child
JOHNSON, Julian F.           M    St Kitts                      03   English 1839        unm       child
SAUPER, Philip E.            M    St Kitts                      14   English 1828        unm       child
JOHNSON, Patience            F    Antigua                       85   English 1758        unm       house servant
WILLIAMS, Jane               F    St Croix                      63   English 1778        unm       house servant
HOLLYMAN, Julia O.           F    St Croix                      12   Danish 1830         unm       house servant
RYAN, Sarah Jane             F    St Croix                      09   Danish 1833         unm       house servant
CRUSE, Sarah M.              F    St Croix                      20   English 1822        unm       house servant
---, Francis                 M    St Croix                      45   Roman Catholic 1797 unm       employed by Wittrog
reported by J. L. WITTROG 23 Sep 1841
Estate: Granard, belonging to Grant ALLEN, Esq.

CLARKE, James F.             M    Ireland                       39   Protestant 1803     unm       manager
GROGAN, James                M    Ireland                       20   Roman Catholic 1821 unm       overseer
DONNELLY, John               M    Ireland                       19   Roman Catholic 1822 unm       overseer
HATCHETT, James              M    St Croix                      30   Roman Catholic 1811 unm       blacksmith
ABRAHAMSON, John             M    St Croix                      55   Protestant 1786     unm       carpenter
SoLOMON, Johan               M    Africa                        55   Danish 1786         unm       carpenter
WILLIAMS, Margret            F    St Croix                      46   Danish 1795         unm       washing
SAM, Sylvia                  F    St Croix                      40   Catholic 1801       unm       selling
reported by Grant ALLAN, 1 Oct 1841 by G. BOGHAGEN, James T. CLARKE
Estate: Richmond, belonging to Mrs. A. STRINGHAM

STRINGHAM, Mrs. A.           F    St Croix                      54   English             wid       proprietess
BAGGER, Jens Clint           M    Danmark                       42   Lutheran 1801       mar       reverend, Lutheran parish
BAGGER, Luisa Mathilda       F    St Croix                      33   Lutheran            wife
BAGGER, Sarah Catherine      F    St Croix                      09   Lutheran 1833       child
HYORTRAG, Victor Christian   M    St Croix                      05   Lutheran 1836       child
BAGGER, Ingeborg Matilda     F    St Croix                      06   Lutheran 1835       child
BAGGER, Hans Wilhelm         M    Danmark                       04   Lutheran 1837       child
BAGGER, Andrine              F    St Croix                      01   Lutheran 1841       child
NIELSEN, Josephine           F    Danmark                       20   Lutheran 1821       *         house assistant
BAGS, Christian Fredrick     M    Danmark                       34   Lutheran 1807       *         in one of the King's offices
STEVENS, Maria               F    St Croix                      35   Lutheran 1806       *         servant
HEYLIGER, Ann                F    St Croix                      18   Lutheran 1823       *         servant
---, Polly                   F    Africa                        65   Lutheran 1776       *         cook
HEGLIGER, Judith Mathilda    F    St Croix                      09   Lutheran 1833       *         cook
HEGLIGER, Louse              F    St Croix                      08   Lutheran 1835       *         cook
reported by Ann STRINGHAM and H. B. SHAW, two families
Estate; St. Croix New Prison, belonging to the Land Treasury.

POULSEN, E. H.               M    Jylland                       43   Lutheran 1799       mar
VOGELSANG, P. A.             F    St Croix                      28   Lutheran 1814       mar
POULSEN, W. P.               F    St Croix                      06   Lutheran 1838       child
POULSEN, C. A.               F    St Croix                      05   Lutheran 1838       child
POULSEN, P. H.               F    St Croix                      02   Lutheran 1841       child
FENSMARK, C. J.              M    Sjelland                      46   Lutheran 1797       mar
ANDERSEN, A.                 M    Sjelland                      49   Lutheran 1793       unm
ANDERSEN, L. N.              M    St Croix                      11   Lutheran 1811       unm
JACKSON, A. M.               F    St Croix                      44   Lutheran 1798       mar
FRESERIK, Ann Margrethe "Peggy"   F                             St Croix                 52        English 1789        mar
reported 3 families
Estate: Orange Grove, belonging to Jems FINLAY (?)

NEVILLE, Nichs.              M    Ireland                       52   Catholic 1783       unm       manager
MURPHY, Bernard              M    Ireland                       25   Catholic 1817       unm       overseer
reported 1 Oct 1841 Nichs NEVILLE, Manager.
Estate: Grange belonging to His Majesty the King

BARCLAY, Andrew              M    Scotland                      51   Presbyterian 1791   unm       manager of grange
HEYLIGER, Isaac              M    St Croix                      21   English 1820        unm       overseer
ANDERSON, Francis            M    St Croix                      30   English 1811        unm       maton
MCDONNELL, John              M    St Croix                      19   Catholic 1822       unm       at school
BARCLAY, William             M    St Croix                      08   Moravian 1834       child     at school, supported by Mr. Barclay
reported 2 families, by Andrew BARCLAY & Isaac HEYLIGER
Estate: Hermon Hill, belonging to the King

BITHORN, Carl                M    Copenhagen, DEN               37   Lutheran 1805       mar       planter
BITHORN, E. (Mrs)            F    St Croix                      36   Lutheran 1806       mar       wife
BITHORN, Emilia Alice        F    St Croix                      08   Luthean 1834        unm       child
BITHORN, Maria Angeline      F    St Croix                      06   Lutheran 1837       unm       child
BITHORN, Wilhelmine Frederica     F                             St Croix                 04        Lutheran 1838       unm            child
BITHORN, Anna Carolina       F    St Croix                      02   Lutheran 1841       unm       child
WOLFF, Susan                 F    St Croix                      08   Lutheran 1834       unm       goes with family
KELLY, John William          M    Kentucky, USA                 25   Episcopal 1817      unm       overseer
FRANCIS, Maria               F    St Thomas                     40   Lutheran 1802       wid       hous servant
LEWIS, Sally                 F    St Croix                      37   Episcopal 1805      unm       nurse
DAVIS, Rebecca               F    St Croix                      17   Lutheran 1825       unm       *
--- Phoebe                   F    St Croix                      80   Episcopal 1762      *         *
reported 1 Oct 1841 by Carl BITHORN, one family
Estate: Berton Hall, belonging to Willm Knights Esquire

ANTHONY, Madelane            F    St Croix                      58   Protestant 1793     unm       own means
EWING, Isabella              F    St Croix                      14   Protestant 1828     unm       own means
EWING, Robert                M    St Croix                      10   Protestant 1832     unm       own means
---, Edward                  M    St Croix                      40   Roman Catholic 1804 unm       butchering
LLOYD, Gerald                M    Ireland                       21   Protestant 1820     unm       overseer
CLARKE, David                M    Ireland                       26   Protestant 1825     unm       lawyer
reported by David CLARKE, one family
Estate: Mount Washington, belonging to Maria S. NELTHROPP

NELTHROPP, Maria S.          F    St Croix                      49   English 1793        mar       owner of this estate
NELTHROPP, George            M    Copenhagen, DEN               56   English 1785        mar       merchant, owner of Estate Oxford, judge
PERRYMAN, William            M    St Croix                      37   English 1811        unm       manager
DOWNING, James               M    St Croix                      55   English 1811        unm       shoemaker
LUDVIG, James                M    St Croix                      55   Bar Church          unm       overseer
CASTELLO, Frederick          M    St Croix                      53   Bar Church          widr      taylor
BEAMION, John                M    St Croix                      34   English 1807        unm       carpenter
DREAS, Fritz                 M    St Croix                      08   Lutheran 1833       unm       live with their father, motherless, house servant
DREAS, Jacob                 M    St Croix                      07   Lutheran 1834       unm       ditto
BRANDAY, Catharine           F    St Croix                      23   English 1818        unm       washer
PIPER, Arabella              F    St Croix                      30   Lutheran 1811       wid       seamstress
STORM, Louisa                F    St Croix                      02   Lutheran 1839       unm       lives with her mother, A. PIPER
RYAN, Louisa                 F    St Croix                      17   Lutheran 1824       unm       lives with family, taken in when orphaned as child
WILLIAMS, George             M    St Croix                      01   Lutheran 1841       unm       son of Louisa RYAN
---, Mata                    F    St Croix                      50   English             *         infirm
---, Betsy                   F    St Croix                      55   Catholic            *         lives with son Cancer
SAMUEL, Eliza                F    St Croix                      18   English 1823        unm       seamstress in house
reported 1 Oct 1841 by Geo. NELTHROPP

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